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The Left Encapsulated in One Rant

Why didn’t he go over and discuss his issue with the people on the beach?

It must be horrible to see the flag of your own country and be triggered.

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  1. He knew he wouldn’t be able to talk to them without starting to rave incoherently like the dad in “A Christmas Story.”

    I’m good with it, but I’ll admit that during all the beach days I’ve had on both coasts, it never once occurred to me to bring a giant flag.

  2. Ah, modern problems – being triggered by an American flag. If it helps him feel better, maybe he should go to some third world countries in Central or South America where displaying an American flag will get you shot. Or maybe visit Iran where he can burn American flags to his heart’s content. Or scoot over to parts of Oregan, Washington or San Francisco where people do all sorts of disgusting things to the American flag. Of if that’s too much trouble, just buy your own American flag and set it on fire.

  3. This guys notorious on Instagram. Not in a good way. Scott LoBaido made him famous. Not in a good way. It’s like I say, these people remind me of every dysfunctional little pussy nerd I’ve ever met. Now they’re all grown up and they hate everything. Including themselves.

  4. Hey buddy! Walk right up to them and give them your thoughts instead of posting on social media.
    I’m sure they’d like to hear it firsthand.

    What’s that, ya say? You would but your SPF isn’t working and you need to get back to the room pronto?


  5. Why is it burning a US flag is protected speech, burning a fag flag is hate speech?
    What a load of fetid road apples.™
    “I’m so confused !” – Vinnie Barbarino


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