The Left Hits a New Low – Leftist Media Denies Help For Journalist After Robbed By Antifa – IOTW Report

The Left Hits a New Low – Leftist Media Denies Help For Journalist After Robbed By Antifa

A pale, skinny-ass, masked Antifag assaulted a journalist and stole her phone. A member of the Seattle media refused to let her use his phone to call the police, while another mocked her- jubilant that she was assaulted.

This asshole needs to be outed-

18 Comments on The Left Hits a New Low – Leftist Media Denies Help For Journalist After Robbed By Antifa

  1. Some of us live in parts of the country where this crap doesn’t happen. We can’t conceive of this being allowed. Here, bullshit like this might last a couple hours at the most. It simply wouldn’t be tolerated. Normally peaceful citizens who want a civilized existence would stop it cold with great vigor.There, the majority of the population must be these leftist lowlifes who have no respect for anything, including the “authorities” who allow this subhuman behavior. As for the other journalist; just another POS.

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  3. @goldenfoxx – I live in the south. Certainly we have isolated incidents of shit (your words) but I can assure you that what has happened in Seattle (a virtual SHIT SHOW) wouldn’t happen here. These children who think of themselves as anarchists would be addressed by the “authorities”. If not, other methods would be employed by people who want to be left alone and respect others as a general rule. Assaulting others, destroying property and creating chaos is not tolerated. Only in places where you have “woke” people “governing” do you find such insanity on that scale. Here you act like animals you get treated as such.

  4. What most here do not understand is if you so much as touch a antifa member you will be the one arrested, just ask Andy Ngo . The cops protect antifa with the blessing of the cities leaders.
    As most here know I live and have lived in the belly of the beast,Portland or Seattle all of my 65 years, I would love nothing better then to beat these commies to with in an inch of their lives.
    What it would take is this, 200 men on the line 100 to confront them head on and 100 men to flank them all armed with baseball bats and then beat all of them that are wearing black. But how to do it is the question with out the FBI finding out. And finding 200 men willing to to what needs to be done.
    They are all cowards and if facing real men they would run away.

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