The Left Says People Go Hungry in America- Meanwhile They Fund Asinine “Political Statement” Kickstarter Projects

This San Francisco project met its goal. It made more than $16,000.

It’s money for construction (one that will never happen) of a giant “homosexual sheep” that you enter through its anus. It’s a vehicle and a gay disco.

Don’t ever tell me about the crisis of homelessness again. Get the money from these asshats who can throw it around on absurd, frivolous, dumbass statements like this one.

Screen Shot 2-06 at 12.31.46 PM

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15 Comments on The Left Says People Go Hungry in America- Meanwhile They Fund Asinine “Political Statement” Kickstarter Projects

  1. More proof humanity is too broken to handle technology.

    Just used for oppression, pleasure, self-destruction, frivolous waste, etc.

  2. I want to suggest a series of buses, their outsides made to look like goats with an anus entry. Park these close to 100′ cliffs or higher… get the picture?

  3. 207 packers supported this. Where are they going to put this? How would you like having this show up in your neighborhood?

  4. @joe6pak:

    How would you like having this show up in your neighborhood?

    I’m pretty sure the stupidity that made this thing also made it flammable.

  5. Very few people go hungry in the U.S. through no fault of their own, and most of those are the kids of slut mothers who get benefits that they use to get fat themselves.

    Don’t take this comment to mean I think single mothers with low income and govt benefits are all slut mothers, but a whole lot of them are. I have sympathy for the kids but loathing for the mothers and absent/unknown fathers.

  6. I don’t understand the concept of giving my hard earned money away but maybe if your money comes from redistribution it is a lot easier to part with.

  7. The Left whines about people going hungry…
    …but still pushes ETHANOL to use corn for “fuel”
    which raises the price of food.

  8. The left whines about people going hungry translates into hipsters can’t afford lobster and arugula and are forced to settle for farm-raised fish and romaine.

    You nailed it Uncle Al. Kids go hungry? How is that possible with free breakfast, free lunch, SNAP, WIC and on and on ad infinitem.

  9. God invented the internet so we could catch a glimpse of all the bullshit that He has to put up with from humanity.

    Sometimes I think this world is the rough draft version of His vision. He said screw it, walked away from this crazy Earth and created a better world somewhere else in the Universe sans mistakes (Terra 2.0).

  10. I think it was Pope John Paul who remarked that America was the only country he’d ever visited where poor people were fat.

    And Uncle Al, based on my observations at New York City Family Court, you are 100% correct about slut mothers.

  11. BTW nobody dies of starvation in this country. Instead they die oF heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, obesity, diabetic complicatios, cancer, and various other diseases that can be caused at least in part by poor food choices.

    Frozen pizza is NOT one of the basic food groups!

  12. @TheGunny — Sometimes I wonder if we’ve somehow misunderstood our species and we’re really a few rungs lower down than humans. We understand and behave something like a dog — domesticated, but feral. The humans have already been raptured out.

  13. Pizza not a basic food group!??
    If you look at what they are made of, beer and pizza combined contain everything in the food pyramid (as long as you include anchovies)
    The problem is not so much what one eats as what they don’t do. Toss your TV and all your chairs in a bonfire.
    You’re focus will shift to getting enough calories every day rather than getting too many.
    Weightlifters, swimmers, lumberjacks, often need 6-9,000 calories a day just to avoid losing weight. Just staying off your ass will make most people need more than 3000 a day.

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