The Life of Cats – IOTW Report

The Life of Cats

The amazing 9 lives of these cool cats.

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  1. Loved the cat that was body surfing down the stairs.
    My daughter has a cat that she adopted. The poor thing was obese when she adopted it and she just found out that one of it’s most important teeth (aren’t they all?) is “pocketed”.
    The vet is recommending braces…for a cat🤨

  2. My mother-in-law was a real cat lover. She had one we all knew as “Shnok”. He was more dog than cat and so I liked him the best. We had a real bond and he followed me around when we went home for visits. He went through many of his lives and was thoroughly spoiled by mom and the rest of us!

  3. I really admire their athleticism. Here’s a great video of a bobcat vs a rattesnake. Every video of this kind has the cat winning. They know they are faster than a rattlesnake but I suppose they lose one on occasion. After the battle, the cat drops it and insouciantly walks away – apparently it has no appetite for a snake dinner.

    Not for the squeamish:


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