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There is no shortage of this kind of screeching liberal bint

This shrew wants the police to arrest a Trump supporter for not wearing a mask, as her mask slips several times and she touches it over and over.

This would be funny, but it’s actually maddening, and sad.

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  1. Imagine that! The Republicans have the RIGHT to peacefully assemble in a public place. WhatEVER is this world coming to!?

    (Sod off, Karen!)

  2. If I were ever to attend something like that, i’d have an air horn, it would be in my bag.
    Who am I kidding, anymore, I stay away from confrontation.
    I got to like it too much, older, wiser now.

  3. I’m not understanding why LE is not picking these clown up for a 24 hour hold and observation. These people are not right. They are a danger to themselves and society. 5150.

  4. I watched the 1+ hours of the Saturday night rally there (it was on Breitbart). Was blown away by all the 1:1 Breitbart interviews with people and THE NUMBER of cars driving by with Trump/America flags, honking and waving. It was heart warming, to say the least.

    This woman isn’t right in the head to think she must take on the happy assembly. Satan is strong in her.

  5. I also watched a few hours of the Saturday night rally on both Brietbart and RSB and since it was the eve of the walk away event there were a lot of great interviews with people that had left the democrat party. Several were gay and many minorities. One young lady told a story about deciding to go to a Trump rally to see what it really was about. The media has become so hysterically angry and openly biased it has driven a lot of people to start questioning the reality they have constructed. You never see anyone talking about joining the democrat party outside of some NeverTrump lunatics. Wishing death and the over the top reporting all weekend is something civil people are repulsed by.

  6. She is a prime example of the mental illness created by or intensified by covid-19 policy. It’s also appropriate she is carrying a sign with a Nazi swastika drawn on it. If she was really worried about it she would be socially distanced, and isolated inside her house.

  7. ECP, what if she drives an older car with manual door locks? Can she lock them all fast enough to keep the riff raff out. I hope she only drives a two door coupe that way it would be quicker to lock the doors, with a 4 door sedan she’s in deep doo doo especially if its a big car with an acre of room in the back seat or a large station wagon.


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