The List of Hate Crime Hoaxes Keeps Rising Under Trump


It’s another day, another hate hoax, this one perpetrated by the African-American Democratic Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas.

Just days after President Donald Trump came under fire for suggesting that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called squad “go back,” Thomas claimed to coincidentally hear the same insult when using a self checkout line at a grocery store. According to Thomas, a “white man” frustrated by the fact that she had more than the maximum number of items allowed at her line began berating her, in which the Trumpian insult was supposedly uttered.

The media immediately began reporting on the alleged racially charged incident, with the victim as “Rep. Thomas,” and the perpetrator as “white male.” That was apparently all the description of the parties needed to make a judgement on the matter.

Thomas later told the story in a tearful video on social media where she complained about how “this white privilege stuff is getting out of control,” but what quickly got out of control was her lie. The “white man” in question turned out to be a Cuban Democrat who supports AOC, and Thomas backtracked on the claim that he told her to “go back” to anywhere (though she did admit that she told him to go back at one point). According to Thomas, she assumed that the Cuban “white man” must’ve told her to “go back,” because she herself told him to “go back.” What logic!

I suppose the headline for a story reflecting what actually happened here wouldn’t have garnered so much media attention: “Georgia State Rep. Gets In Fifteen-Second Verbal Altercation at Grocery Store, Buys Groceries, Leaves.”

Where could she have gotten the idea to fake a hate hoax from? A tweet from over four years ago that I still can’t believe is real shines some light on that:

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  1. Yeah, we got another white Hispanic racist. George Zimmerman is no longer alone but Eric Sparkes is no son of Donald Trump. What a pity.

  2. Is there ANY chance these phuckers want to hear about the HATE I have for the liberal, commie, lying, deceitful, back-stabbing, under-educated, mind-numbed, self-centered, irresponsible, hate-loving, despicable democrats??

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  3. I have to type it/say it again because this story seems to just be something that people want to jump on the local representative (and rightly so). But I again want to turn to the liberal turd that was her nemesis: his shit thought it right to scream at some fat lady (who declared herself 9-months pregnant) in a large grocery store for having too many items on 10-items-or-less check-out WHEN HE ADMITS that two check-out lines WITH ATTENDANTS WERE FREE AND CLEAR! The guy is a dope and an asshole! Sans the (alleged 9-month pregnant?) gal who has already been judged. Matt Walsh and the Daily Caller calls the guy a hero. Ummm…No. He’s just a little less of a freakin’ idiot to our society.

  4. honkies make up 63.7% of the U.S. population…. I would suggest that everybody stop fookin’ with us.

  5. Did that congressional sheboon from Georgia steel Congressman Hank “Guam gonna capsize” Johnson’s hair?

  6. quick fix … the register shuts down after the requisite number of items is reached & the cashier must inform the stupid customer that their requisite items will be bagged & checked through …. BUT …….. the remaining items will be either returned to the shelves or the customer can re-enter the line at the back

    it will only take a few chain stores to enforce this policy before the idiot customers start doing the math … & it will increase the traffic of sane customers that appreciate following the rules – they’re there for a purpose

  7. … I know it’s cruel to demand people w/ a ‘kol lij edumucation’ do simple math for the first time in their lives … but a lesson learned late is still a lesson learned … do it for the children!

  8. The self checkout lanes were already the fix. I check myself out and bag the shit the way I want to.

    Express checkouts were for democrats and drunks with a basket full of shitty beer. I’m in a hurry and I’m fucking special. Fuck off.


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