Man offers a $15 an hour job to a panhandler and the lazy bum gets belligerent

Yes, BUM. This particular cretin is a useless bum.


Ryan Bray told WTVT-TV he was in his vehicle recently at an intersection in Bradenton, Florida, when a panhandler approached him for cash.

…Bray — who works for Bray Remodeling, his family’s business — offered the panhandler work for money as opposed to a handout: $15 an hour to do yard work, WTVT said.

“He said, ‘Absolutely not,'” Bray recalled to WTVT. “Started getting belligerent and cursing.”

He added to the station that the panhandler kicked his Jeep and told him to leave.

So last week Bray returned to scene of the exchange — the intersection of 75th Street W and Manatee Avenue W — with a WTVT reporter in tow.

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35 Comments on Man offers a $15 an hour job to a panhandler and the lazy bum gets belligerent

  1. Hell, yes. Express lane hogs and lazy f–kers sitting on a cooler with a sign. Both top ten peeves of mine. Bum needs to go back where he came from.

  2. LOL, a perfect example of the ‘give-me’ mentality.

    It is beyond pathetic and it’s reminiscent of Obuttholes’ 8 year attempt to destroy this country.
    I don’t even have to quote the Bible about this kind of delusion to prove a simple point if common sense prevails.

    If you are able-bodied and refuse to work…..PHUCK YOU!

    If you have any questions call; EAT SHIT and Die

  3. Must be a PO’d BernBro who just had his hours cut.

    Report him to the welfare dept. DeSantis is cleaning up this mess.

  4. … & we respectfully call them ‘panhandlers’ … why?

    these bums (which is what they are) have no dignity, no morality, no use other than an object lesson that has sadly been twisted 180 degrees on its head by the educational system indoctrination system

    there are those in civilized society that just cannot adjust & become productive, for whatever reason, & need a hand … but this piece of garbage is not one of them … he is a cancer upon us
    we have the power to eradicate cancer … Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg is proof

  5. Once heard pastor Tony Evans get black folks mad preaching against able bodied men and women who “can work, could work, should work, but WON’T work.” I imagine he’d be crucified for that today.

  6. Many………. many years ago, I was in Baltimore for an early appointment with a fookin’ attorney. As usual, I was early (about 05:30) and sitting on a park bench in front of the building where I was meeting. After a few moments sitting and enjoying the cool quiet morning, a man of color approached me and told me a sorry tale of having not eaten in days. I immediately stood up and asked him to follow me. Just around the corner was one of those tiny little yet wonderful diners and I invited him in to buy him breakfast………… he called me everything but white and stormed off. I had a delicious fried egg, bacon and cheese sammich on white bread with some black pepper and a dab of mayonnaise……… some people!

  7. Thanks for posting that BFH. Professional panhandlers are a menace and are antithetical to the American dream. There is no excuse for this miserable asshole. Never give to these people. They scam for a living and thats all they do, except use all available government programs. They’re not destitute. They are professional scam artists.

  8. This country is choked with useless, worthless, entitled garbage people who need to be put down like rabid dogs. This society will never be great as long as they are still here. It’s as simple as that.

  9. They don’t want jobs they only want TAX FREE HANDOUTS! I don’t even give them a look…if they walk up to my window they will be looking down what appears to be a sewer pipe…the barrel of my 1911 .45!d

  10. These are druggies and alcoholics. A lot of them make more than $15/hr cash begging from the cars stopped at busy intersections.

  11. I was on a job site where some Union scaffolding guys were erecting a scaffold for us, one guy was bragging to the other that he left early for work and made $75 for standing on the corner with his hand out.
    One day another guy in a walker with a little dog got a buck as I was moving because the light was green and I couldn’t stop then cussed me out for not stopping everybody behind me.
    I’m done with so called men down on their luck.
    The main reason they are on the street is they have burned everybody they know and that cared about them.

  12. Another thing, they leave trash everywhere they go and go (crap) anywhere they please.
    Indeed, don’t feed them money.

  13. @Grool: “We need robot panhandlers that will mooch for $7.50.”

    Okay, that’s funny. But I’m not sure they would relate to money.

    “Buddy, I’m low. Can you spare a couple of ampere hours?”

    “Excuse me, Ma’am, I’m homeless and have child programs to feed. Can you spare a few bytes?”

    “Sir, I’ve fallen on hard disk times. Can you lend me some silicon?”

    “Oh, man, I’m a Windows AI machine and I’m experiencing a lot of blue screens. Help me! I don’t wanna die!!” (And he keeps having nightmares with Steve Balmer in them. He’s one sick machine.)

    “Oh thanks for offering cash, but I only process Bitcoin.”

  14. i used to know a hobo who panhandled on a nearby off ramp. he said he made about $100/hr. he would work about 3 hours a day. all tax free. i watched him once. easily made $5 minimum for 5 minutes (two light changes). that works out to about $60/hr. so $100/hr is believable on a good day.

    economics says he’d be an idiot taking a pay cut to $15/hr.

  15. My 12 y/o sells lemonade from noon until 3 a couple times per week when the weather is hot. He buys all the sugar and flavoring and makes it all himself. He asks for $0.25 per 8oz cup, all written out on a posterboard he holds up alongside the road in front of our house. Some people give him 5 or 10 bucks, one guy gave him 20 bucks. Most people give him a buck. He averages about 30 bucks, or 10 per hour. He works as hard as you can at a lemonade stand, doesn’t drink his product and never sits down. He knows if he wants something he has to work and save up for it and he doesn’t pester mom and dad for money. I couldn’t be more proud of him. Panhandling assholes could learn a lot from him.

  16. Bums are bums.

    In a time before leftism (where bums and street criminals are useful against America), a guy like this would have no choice but to work or starve.

  17. There was a time where boys would kick the shit out of a bum like this. That was Darwinism at work.

    Now we have obamaism. Working great, isn’t it?

  18. Our city legalized panhandling several years ago provided the scumbags were selling newspapers or some crap.

    Surprise! You now have scumbags on every corner. Some of these sacks I’ve seen working the same intersection for years. 10 years in some cases. Fat as a house and begging for change. People don’t want them looking in their windows or giving them sad “whoa is me” eyes so they skip their lane and cause all kinds of dangerous traffic problems.

    They are even out in rural areas. We have one with prison tear drops tattoos down his face wearing a fake leg brace (for 5 years) whom always manages a hang dog expression when he looks like he’d slit your throat for a quarter. Another “family” drops this old lady with an oxygen tank off a busy offramp. Numerous people stop and offer to help and get shooed away. They just want drug money.

    They should all be shunned. We had a different piece of crap who ran a website called The Homeless Guy. He abandoned his wife and kids to live a free range lifestyle by choice. Liberals would throw money at him. The city appointed him to a Mayors Task Force on homelessness. He then fled to the more highly homeless competitive city of Las Vegas before coming back. He’d write all these anti-Christian posts while preying on their charity.

    Hate these people.

  19. At a particularly busy intersection on my way to work where panhandling was a problem, the city posted signs prohibiting the practice. After several months with no visible effect, they took down the signs, and now there are more panhandlers than ever.
    My tax dollars at work…

  20. I gotta run the Panhandler Matrix to get INTO Pittsburgh, I gotta run it to get OUT of Pittsburgh – I gotta run it to get into or out of PNC Park, Heinz Field, or PPG Arena, and the better the economy, the more of THEM I see!

    I’ve done a similar thing to this guy – especially for guys claiming to be homeless vets. I’ve given ’em my business card, and told them to call me, or come SEE me at my office – I can GET them help.

    They NEVER do.

  21. I am disabled and have tried for 10 years to find suitable work. While physical work isn’t an option, I would be grateful to be productive once again.

  22. DON’T DO THAT! Don’t hire people off the street! I’m a Marine Corps Vet and I helped some Navy vet who was on the corner. He was a machinists mate and I had a bunch of yard equipment that needed Maintenance. He did it and I gave him like $150 for a full days work. I couldn’t get rid of him after that. He started coming to the house asking for money, hanging out in the neighborhood. He sent my wife a text one early morning around 1 O’clock saying that he’d been in a coma and had just woken up in the hospital and her name was the only one in his phone?? It finally got so bad, I had to scare him off and tell him if he came near my family or property again that I was going to call the police and ambulance at the same time because they would both be needed. He took me seriously (and I meant it) but not everyone has those same tools to deal with the situation, and that really was a last resort. Also, if you’re panhandling you say you’re a veteran, most vets are going to ask you one or two questions, and if you’re not we will know quickly 99 out of 100 times.

  23. Panhandling?
    Medicare for All?
    $15 “minimum” wage?
    Affirmative Action?
    Minority Set-Asides?

    WTF’s the difference?

    izlamo delenda est …

  24. Stop judging everyone. What a waste of time and useless energy. I gave a homeless man a sack lunch once and he thanked me. If you morons can’t figure out who’s actually needy and who is not, that would be your fault, not some idiot’s on the corner with his hand out. You morons want to criticize go look in the mirror or better yet buy some new glasses.

  25. He knows having a bad boss sucks. Any boss sucks unless they are getting you more money for less effort. Otherwise, if you have proven skills, mastery, and are in demand, then what is a boss good for anyway if they are not increasing you bottom line and appreciative of all you efforts.

  26. Eat a bag of country fried dicks, Gabe.

    This is realizing who needs help and who doesn’t. The problem is those who think they’re being charitable by giving money to people who only need a swift kick in the ass and end up encouraging more bad behavior.


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