The Looking Spoon’s 5 Year Mission – Moving On to Phase II

The Looking Spoon –

This is going to be very, very difficult, but I need to do this.

I’ve had moments in the last 5 years when I thought it was time to move on to something else, only to realize I just needed a good break.

This isn’t one of those times.

This is the last post. A couple of weeks ago I confided in another blogger friend that I was having this inescapable feeling that I wanted end this incredible 5 year journey and do something else.

He told me blogging was a calling, and for most of the 5 years that was true for me. It’s not anymore.

I’m not going back to life as it was before TLS, I can’t do that. I’ll always be compelled to be a voice against the left, I was LONG before this blog and I will continue to be. It just wont be as The Looking Spoon anymore.

This has been a really awesome experience, if for no other reason that I’ve made a lot of great conservative friends, readers and bloggers alike.

I don’t know what’s next, but if you’re the betting type you can put money on it involving me taking my little online shirt and sticker shop, Culture Correct (hint: check out the banner at the top of this page) and making it into more than it currently is.

I’m not going to say goodbye, because I’m not going away. You can reach me at any of the social links at the top of the screen and by email at “jared at thelookingspoon dot com” or “thelookingspoon at gmail dot com.” Both go to my phone, and the first one will likely do a better job of getting my attention since it’s used less often.

I want to end this by thanking iOwnTheWorld and The People’s Cube for being the inspiration for my becoming an agitprop artist, it gave me the specific direction I kind of needed at the beginning. To John Hawkins of Right Wing News for the partnership that brought many many new people to TLS in its earlier days. To all of the bloggers, big and small, who gave me the time of day with links and sharing the images I created, it truly made my day when you did.

Thank you most of all to all of you who made The Looking Spoon a part of your reading list, or found something here that was too good to not share with your friends and networks. Nobody validated this blog better than you did, and it’s that connection that makes ending this so, SO hard to do.

As the saying goes, all good things…

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  1. I hope he really is going on to something bigger and better, good luck. Oh….and BFH, I hope this isn’t giving you any ideas.

  2. I REALLY loved clicking on TLS every day and sharing what I thought was thought provoking, funny, humane, touching, great, etc. Thank you!!!

  3. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jared in person. A really great guy – talented as all hell. Much luck to your future endeavors.

  4. NNNOOOOOO!!!! Is this just an April Fools a month late?

    Good luck Comrade Jared in your future pursuits. I hope that whatever you choose, it hurts the libs just as much as TLS did.

  5. Wow…thank you all. Really, iOTW has been my favorite blog, hands down, since I discovered it back in ’09. One of the very best traits about it is the support shown to other agitprop artists like myself. You guys (iOTW staff and fans) are the best on so many levels.

    @Burrfrog, I’m not bored, I have ideas in my head (and some have actually made it to paper) but I can’t do any of them AND maintain a blog. I know because I tried and there’s just not enough time in my day. That has affected (fatally it seems) my drive to continue blogging. I made a judgement call, and it was made with a lot of anxiety that it will end up not being the right one…

    @Mr. Pinko, we gotta do it again someday! Hanging with you made CPAC 1000x better than it would’ve been. Maybe next time we can get the rest of the gang to join us. ;-D

  6. Best of luck to you @LookingSpoon! I know this choice had to be a tough one one. Your work is awesome and always made me think and giggle.

    Here’s a toast to Phase 2 that it will all be A OK!


  7. I’m going to miss the quality agitprop. I’ve always considered it among the best on the net. I hope you’ll consider letting us post any works you create in the future.

  8. Keep up the good fight, best of luck (you’ll make your own), thanks to all of you bloggers for keeping me informed and entertained.

  9. Really, TLS is one of my favorite sites.
    You will be dearly missed.

    Thank you for all of your work – It was really a bright spot in my day.

  10. Be sure to keep the domain. At least renew beyond February 2016. You never know what the future will bring. Trust me, it will not be boring.

    Blue skies & green lights, Jared. 😉

  11. Thank you for fighting the good fight! God bless you and good luck in your new endeavor.

    I hope you will continue, in the future when time permits, to submit postings to TPC, IOTW, and others.

  12. Jared – The Looking Spoon has always been a favorite of mine. You are so very, very talented. I am glad to hear this is a transition to something that suits you better.

    And I too hope you will pop in to IOTW from time to time to post.

    Bless you and your family! 🙂

  13. Best of luck with whatever comes next for you! You will certainly be missed. Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

  14. There was another guy that baled like this about five years ago. He was big burger or fresh cut meat or something but absolutely spectacularly funny.

    Gonna miss this spoon guy, too


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