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The MAGA Hippie Collective


I confess I’ve been watching this story about the Berkeley Hippie and Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a growing sense of amusement.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t find it amusing that some drugged-up Hippie nudist who lived in a Lefty collective in Berkeley struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer. I mean, this is real life, not a Three Stooges movie.

No, it isn’t the physical assault that I find amusing but the histrionic, preposterous claims from the media and Democrat politicians that this drugged-up Hippie nudist is some kind of MAGA insurrectionist inspired by Kevin McCarthy saying in 2021 that he’d like to hit Nancy on the head with the Speaker’s gavel.

Not since Jussie Smollett encountered two gay Nigerians in the frozen streets of Chicago who attacked him while yelling “This is MAGA country” has there been a story so laughingly outlandish.

Even my late paranoid schizophrenic grandmother couldn’t have come up with a story this unbelievable. And she once told me that someone snuck into her basement and replaced her Kenmore washing machine with a Whirlpool while she was doing laundry. more

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  1. Yeah, he had a mega hat on, in his underwear of course. Next up they’ll Photoshop him in the capital in Nasties seat on J6.

  2. They know their story’s bogus. We know their story’s bogus. And of course THEY know that WE know their story’s bogus.

    That’s not the point. The leftie establishment is just making noise with lots of MEGA-MAGA! and POLITICAL VIOLENCE! and DEATH OF DEMOCRACY! turdlets embedded in it.

    The operators probably paid the guy to wear a MAGA hat and a DeSantis T-shirt not realizing that their drugged out schizophrenic hippie was, surprisingly, a drugged out schizophrenic hippie. He forgot his instructions and now they’re just making their noise because they have nothing better to do.

  3. Everything about this story is absurd 🤣

    Chad Prathers did a musical take on his show today, very funny.

    If the Commie Dem’s think this is going to gain them brownie points for the midterms they are mistaken.

  4. The words preposterous, ludicrous etc just don’t do justice when it comes to the progressive movement. The bastards are wickedness and evil personified and I literally mean that and it applies to every Goddamned individual who aligns with progressivism.

    To tolerate their shit at this point is complicity in advancing their agenda. They are motivated by malicious intentions, not one thing do they do is charitable by any definition.

  5. I find it amusing that they expect us to believe a guy in a Hunter Biden costume just waltzed into the house of the person 3rd in line for the presidency.

  6. I’m not singling you out, @Cynic, because I see it all over the place that Rancid Nancy is THIRD in line for the presidency.

    If Joey croaks or is declared incapacitated (as if!), the FIRST person in line to replace him is Veep Throat Kakamala. Then if Kakamala chokes on…something…and achieves ambient temperature, the SECOND person on the list is Rancid Nancy.

    I don’t know where Joey is any better than Joey knows where Joey is, but he isn’t in any line.

  7. I have a couple of questions:

    I keep seeing these pictures of claw hammers, but wouldn’t ball peen hammers be more likely. Admittedly, I’m ignorant of hammer fetish protocols.

    Why is there always a mysterious third person present when Paul Pelosi has his kinetic interactions, but that person is never identified or spoken of again as the narrative unfolds?

    And since the Dems have made this scandal about a Mega MAGA assault on a Democrat politician and federalized the prosecution of De Pape, how long before Ligma/Johnson are raided by the FBI and charged with misinformation crimes against journos?

  8. “I don’t find it amusing that some drugged-up Hippie nudist who lived in a Lefty collective in Berkeley struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer. I mean, this is real life, not a Three Stooges movie….”

    I absolutely DO find all this amusing.
    They were hoist on their own petard. These miscreant fuckups THRIVE in Pelosi’s SanFransicko. It is the morass she wants to throw us all into. But Karma threw that pie at the Pelosis’ heads.
    And those stupids want us to feel remorse for all this???

    BWA HA! Oh the humanity!
    This is the bed you made Nancy, until you die and go to Hell, may the only company you keep be violent sickos and other ghouls!


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