The Mainstream Media’s Influence is Finally Waning

DanBongino: Societal responses to the global health pandemic over the past few months have exposed the large crack in our social fabric. Some may characterize this as creating two dueling ideas for combatting the challenges of the day, but, regardless of the number of competing ideas, we are being challenged with conflicting worldviews. Nowhere has this become more obvious than in the online debate that occurs largely outside of the mainstream media ecosystem. 

If you are an avid consumer of mainstream, or legacy, media content from the likes of NBC, ABC, and CNN, it is likely that you are inclined to adhere to a set of assumptions uncommon among consumers of non-mainstream content. Non-mainstream content often derives from platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

One of the best analyses of this paradigm shift in society is provided by Eric Weinstein on Joe Rogan’s podcast. As Weinstein correctly stated, some daily YouTube shows receive more views than television shows. Podcast shows like the Joe Rogan Experience, The Ben Shapiro Show, The Dan Bongino Show, and Barstool Sports’ different shows all generate considerable discussion; each show has developed its own unique following in the years past.  read more

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  1. I recently discovered Barstool Sports, love it! Also, one bite pizza reviews, hilarious, and non political…Although he had a great rant about moving the goal posts, he was featured on Tucker.

  2. Network air time has never been cheaper. Ever since about the mid 90s, when cable underwent major transport changes (to HFC) and introduced the arrival of HSD (High Speed Internet) Network advertising has been on a downhill slide as fewer eyes are on them due to channel dilution and alternate news sources. Now they’ve cheapened their brand with sensationalism and a ton of Fake News in hopes of increasing their ratings. They’ve turned into Network Ghettos where they continue pandering to the Jerry Springer, bad Infomercial and Honey Boo Boo crowd while anyone who has risen above that fray has moved out of their hood! More and more Americans are seeing them for what they truly are: Cheap Whores, otherwise known as the Bought & Paid For Media!

  3. This is why the Left wants an internet kill switch. If they don’t make the content or control the platforms, they want the power to black it out.

  4. If the Novel “Crime and Punishment” were written today…
    It would be called “Crime without Punishment.”

  5. The deep state 3 letter agencies and cabal have simply switched their Marxist censorship and control to the Big Tech Fake Book, Twatter, and Progoogle are all CIA controlled. The tech for these platforms originated with the CIA.

    An example is the current big tech attacks on this site that rendered our reply option unavailable this AM.

    The legacy media is dying just as the print media died.
    Both platforms have migrated to the innerwebs and the innerwebs are controlled by lefties.


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