The man was just trying to take a nap

Daily Caller:

Security Smashed Into Pruitt’s Apartment To Wake Him Up From A Nap.

Security broke into EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s apartment, thinking Pruitt was lying unconscious, only to find he was taking a nap, ABC News reports.

On March 29, 2017, Pruitt’s security detail told a Capitol Hill Police officer to call 911.

“They say he’s unconscious at this time,” the Capitol Hill Police officer told the 911 operator, according to recordings reviewed by ABC News. “I don’t know about the breathing portion.”

Security had been unable to reach Pruitt by phone or by banging on the door to the building where he rents a bedroom. Several fire units responded to the call and joined Pruitt’s security at the building.

Pruitt’s detail then bashed in the front door and hustled up two flights of stairs to find a sleepy-eyed administrator rising from a nap. more here

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  1. Jeepers, I hope they don’t call 911 when I go to sleep tonight. Good thin he didn’t reach of his phone.

  2. Everybody had better get on the same page with emergency scenarios. The left loves doxxing and swatting. And Arkancide.

  3. I would have anticipated that the security detail would have master keys to Scott Pruitt’s apartment. If he doesn’t trust them with his keys, I sure wouldn’t trust them with your life.

    Give them the keys or get a new security team.

  4. One question. Did Pruitt tell his security detail chief, “I’m going to take a nap, I’m pretty tired, please wake me at…” Or is his security detail Obama leftovers who want to embarrass President and his team? This all seems pretty phucking stupid to me. How did ABC get it?
    They had to break the door down? Didn’t his security detail have a key. Something phucking wrong here. Mr. Pruitt fire every one of those mutterfukers immediately, unless you are found guilty of napping on taxpayers time, which is unheard of in Government. Gimmeafuckingbreak. This is a set up.
    Remember Pruitt is gutting the EPA and they are scared shitless.
    Cato just saw your comment. ditto.

  5. Memo to Mr. Scott Pruitt. Get a new security detail immediately. Contact Retired NYPD Detective Patrick Brosnan. A fine fellow. That’s free advice.

  6. Cato. I wrote what I wrote before I read what you wrote. It is a factor. His security detail sucks. He should dump them immediately. They are leaking to ABC. A phucking idiot should realize that.

  7. What is it with Gov’t workers and naps?
    Not quite as bad as Teamsters or other Union maggots, but close.

    Actually, I’m kind of surprised that the security detail stayed awake long enough to fuck everything up – must not have put away the prostitutes and whiskey, yet.

    izlamo delenda est …


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