Girl records her teacher saying Trump is a racist who wants to bring back segregation

The 6th grade girl, Josie Orihuela, knew intuitively that it was time to start recording her angry racist teacher, one that never spent a second of her life as a slave or segregated.

Her video went viral as the teacher was recorded saying Trump wanted to bring back segregation and that the slogan “Make America Great Again” is a white segregationist dog whistle.

This girl has quite a personality, as opposed to the strident dbag David Hogg who is the puppet of leftist handlers.

I enjoyed her humbleness, especially when she mocked herself saying, “oh yeah, I’m special.”

I’d like to believe that this was a direct shot at the slick, manufactured David Hogg who thinks he’s simply marvelous. (Did I say “direct shot”?)



On “Fox & Friends,” Abby Huntsman interviewed a Georgia middle school student who captured audio of her teacher ripping President Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” slogan. Josie Orihuela of Hampton Middle School near Atlanta began recording on her phone when sixth-grade teacher Johnetta Benton began reaming out the president. “When my president says let’s Make America Great Again, when was he talking about?” Benton is heard asking, and later adding that Trump must mean when “[America] was great for Europeans.” — “Because,” Benton continues, “when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities.” Huntsman said the incident happened at the same high school where another teacher requested students write letters to their lawmakers demanding gun control.


Fox & Friends: “This sixth grader recorded her teacher’s now viral anti-Trump rant. She says she’s disappointed her teacher would use her platform knowing she has an influence on students.” — Orihuela said Benton made the comments as she was introducing a video to celebrate Black History Month. “It kept getting worse and worse,” she said. Though not captured on the audio played by Huntsman, Orihuela said that at one point, Benton surmised aloud that “Make America Great Again” could be a precursor to “trying to bring back segregation.” In 1954, the Supreme Court – led by Chief Justice Earl Warren – outlawed school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. Orihuela said she showed her mother the tape, and that they both were shocked by Benton’s words. Henry County School District spokesperson J.D. Hardin later called the incident “extremely unfortunate” and said that the “matter was addressed” after the tape went public.


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  1. A hyphen tried that shit in my son’s middle school, and the kids heckled her hard. She didn’t dare get her grievance on, because she knew she was out of line, and she’d end up down in Vine City teaching black kids if she wasn’t careful.

  2. “matter was addressed”
    That means kids won’t be allowed cell phones or any recording device from now on.

  3. This little girls mother and father should be proud. They both did a great job raising a little patriot. Hogg Wilds parents? Not so much.
    I bet this little girl shoots.

  4. This is happening everyday in different state. Yesterday was a college student in the cafeteria the Chinese or Korean told the student he can’t be in the cafeteria because he has a trump hat .. that video was clear discrimination. I will post the video but don’t want Thirdwin to get crazy with me.

  5. This fuc teacher are educating the students. This teacher are creating brown shirts kids. Remember after the election of Hussein you started seeing does stuff.

  6. She’s a well informed anti communist Cuban American patriot. And a Trumper through and through. God Bless her. We need more kids like Josie and less teachers like Benton.

  7. ” I will post the video but don’t want Thirdwin to get crazy with me.”

    The guys a sexual animal. Won’t take no for an answer.

  8. Moe Tom I being saying that the people like me and her now about socialist and communist we don’t like it. Because we know about it good . And the people here in America think that socialist and communist is something good. If you look around you see people using Che Guevara’s t shirt make me angry because people don’t know all the fuc shit that evil mother fuc did.

  9. …when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities.

    Really? Please compare your circumstances and standard of living as a black American teacher to the circumstances and standard of living of any black African teacher.

  10. We won’t teach that segregation was a democrat creation and that democrat Woodrow wilson nationalized it..

  11. Hey Bob, I agree one thousand fold. Phucken asshole libs don’t know shit from shinola about communism. I have friends from Poland, Romania, Estonia, and Cuba, all Americans who know communism. They should be hired as lecturers at our phucked up ivy league colleges.

  12. Hey, you talkin ta me? I’m a Scorpio. October 25th. Try to remember my birthday.
    And try to say something nice, I don’t have many birthdays left.

  13. “the slogan “Make America Great Again” is a white segregationist dog whistle”

    Must be a dogSHIT whistle, given that SHE “heard” it. 🙄

  14. The new segregation is conservatives that have had enough of libtards – “Free at last free at last thank God almighty free at last.”

  15. she was paid to teach the approved lesson from the school district. Her beliefs or mine or not the same with respect. Teach the approved course your paid for. To all parents who have kids in school, learn ahead of time what your kids will be learning. A educateded opinion, is the best opionio to fight this liberal crap.

  16. School boards like to push and institute “Zero Tolerance” on our pro 2a families. It’s time to push back with zero tolerance on teachers. TEACH. Do not indoctrinate.

  17. Laura Ingram found out what happens to those who mock beautiful children who want to make america safe again. Don’t fuck with my man David Hogg.


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