The Media Fan-Girling over Schiff is embarrassing

Patriot Retort:

I’m not watching a nano-second of the Adam Schiff Impeachment Porn.  Not one second of it.  I won’t even watch any of the clips posted on Twitter.  Even the thought of having to sit and endure Adam Schiff’s story hour (after hour after hour) leaves me nauseous.

If we subjected illegals in detention centers to this endless bull-schiff, AOC would be tweeting in outrage about torture and concentration camps.

The American news media, however, feels differently.  Those so-called Guardians of Truth, Justice and Stuff are fan-girling so hard over Adam Schiff’s “dazzling” marathon before the Senate, they sound like suburban housewives on a girl’s night out gushing over Brad Pitt while drinking Chardonnay.

The whole “get-a-roominess” of their fan-girling and orgasming is so over-the-top, one might confuse it for satire. MORE

15 Comments on The Media Fan-Girling over Schiff is embarrassing

  1. These mental midgets must also write for Harlequin Romance novels.

    Do these preening pussies realize that somewhere out there, certain people are probably adding their names to certain “to do” lists??

  2. so glad, so thankful to the lord, so happy that i am not a sickening, sodomizing, disgusting faggot

    oh, sorry, guess that’s not inclusive of me

    well, ok, fu

  3. one must ask why didn’t McTurtle set time limits on all ‘presentations’, like previous Impeachment Trials, & avoid this circus?

    … another reason I do not trust the repubs …. any of them

    & I agree w/ Dianny … not giving these craptards 2 seconds of my time

  4. The American Media are nothing more then a bunch of Communist fawning boot lickers. Should the SHTF, they will learn that rope has many uses.

  5. Their mental masturbation over Shifty’s speculation is just more evidence of their liberal confirmation bias. Since Shifty’s verbal diarrheal is like an intoxicating kool-aid they drink by the barrel.

    Demonrats are half witted children and easily impressed by themselves.


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