The Media’s Protection of Joe Biden Damages the Institution For Years To Come

The current crop of leftwing activist/journalists should drop the ef dead, in agonizing fashion. They are despicable.

#LeftwingJournalist’sLivesDon’t Matter – watch the video

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  1. The media is complicit in this Biden Crime Family operation. This is a criminal act, journalism is dead, and the press would be properly prosecuted in a just world. Stay tuned for more…


  2. Oh, come on. They lost all credibility after Walter Cronkite got outted as a scumbag. The final nail in the coffin was their toadying to Bill Clinton.

    How many more nails does one need?

  3. The enimedia has been owned and operated by the CIA since its inception along with big tech that started as a CIA funded DARPA project.

    Once you understand that our entire federal and most state government apparati are run by the globalist cabal you begin to understand the depth of the depravity and corruption.

    These are the forces of Lucifer and his evil demonic legions we are fighting.

    We have surrendered our government, media, entertainment, sports, education, corporations and big tech to the global cabal.

    They actually physically own most of these legally and manipulate the permanent deep state government bureaucracy through owning the policy making politicians.

    It was the hubris of the ignorant and greedy Demonrat power structure to assume they had this in the bag and Hillezelbub was to be the magic eraser to hide all the sins.

    This is why they have been on full freakout and coup mode since PDJT cane down the escalator.

    They have actually been conducting surveillance on all of us for decades, and I mean all of us, especially patriots like us who support IOTW and similar sites.

    Its all gonna coming crashing down when we re-elect PDJT.

    They will ensure we are at war with China by January, while we are in the middle of a national insurrection.

    Prepare yourselves. A storm is coming the likes of which you have never seen.

  4. The MSM probably won’t even report on “Chinese Forces Invade The USA” when it inevitably happens.

  5. They don’t understand or don’t care that many, many Americans have lost all faith in them. And the more they lie and slant everything they say to drive their agendas the more disgusting they become. News is the telling of facts, propaganda is the twisting of facts mixed with a few lies and this is what the fake media does best. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices, they are self absorbed demigods telling the tiny people what to believe. well guess what? No thanks!

  6. Back in the 90s two things happened that really impacted the Media. Cable and along with it, high speed broadband Internet access. Both of these working together (Cable provided the high speed Internet access) diluted the Media’s conventional presence for both television and paper-based news. They were essentially farting in a hurricane of TV channels and internet news which severely devalued their product. This made them easily purchasable and people in the Media either toed the line or retired early. This is the basis for my referring to them as the Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media. With their willing participation in aiding, abetting and covering up for the democRATz, they became the Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media! It’s just that simple!

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