The Moneymoochers


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  1. Barry’s guilty of GUSG.

    Governing Under the effects of Sewer Gasses.

    Fitting — this administration has sent the country into the crapper.

  2. I’m curious to know exactly which photo of Michelle was used in this graphic. Was it the one from Mandela’s memorial service? Because the look on her face certainly does seem to be saying, “Honk if you want to sleep on the couch tonight, Bub!”

  3. @greetingsfromyonkers — I think this could be any picture of MO from any time, any day.

    Just her natural look.

  4. greetingsfromyonkers, that’s a mighty tall order. Could be from when Barky and Mooch got ambushed by the Kiss-Cam. Or when Boehner made a joke about smoking and Barky laughed. Or when Sarkozy’s wife had the audacity to exist. Or when…

  5. God, Fur, how can you sit and work with these hideously ugly images all day long? Do you take an over-the-counter remedy for nausea?

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