The Museum of (Bad) Art

Avoid damage to your equipment. Stand 3 feet away if you consume beverages while viewing art. 

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  1. @MJA – “How can I contribute?”, is not listed on the below:

    When we go to museums FAQ questions are a must, especially whether or not pics or vid are allowed.

    Some yes some no, runs the museum gambit.

    When to some real museums today.

    Art everywhere.

    Went to the Greek Annuciation on 91st St and still buzzing as a result.

    Ghost at Night

  2. Man, what amatuerish crap.

    Picasso could actually draw and paint: he learned the rules before he broken them.

    Now, refrigerator art passes for the real thing.

  3. Picasso was a classical painter until he realized he wasn’t making any money. Then he started putting out crap and became rich and famous. The culture was starting its decline back then and is about to reach its 32 feet per second per second.

  4. If a person with no skill, no experience, and no aptitude can recreate a painting, it ain’t art. It’s garbage.

  5. I loved it! It really was bad art.
    No beard-stroking asshole looking over his granny glasses to tell me what a rube I am.


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