The Mysterious Professor Mifsud Resurfaces

The Maltese academic, Joseph Mifsud, who reached out to and tried framing George Papadopoulos went missing last September and was presumed “dead.” According to the Hill’s John Solomon, Mifsud is very much alive and claims to have been an intelligence asset for the CIA.

Solomon indicates that Mifsud has given an audio deposition of his role in an intelligence operation directed against candidate Donald Trump in march  2016 (as a sort of insurance policy against spontaneous suicide). More

6 Comments on The Mysterious Professor Mifsud Resurfaces

  1. If Herr Mueller was still awake and still in action he would have to jail himself for lying about the government controlled spook called Mifsud!

  2. Jeffy was an asset
    Gizzy was an asset
    I’m a asset
    He’s a asset
    And if you drink the Kool-aid
    You’ll find that you’re a asset too!

  3. Algonquin J. Calhoun peered intently through the Norden bomb sight waiting for the ball bearing plant to appear…..suddenly there it was. Calhoun triggered the bomb release and watched his deadly cargo drop into the already towering columns of smoke to flash and smash its way with unerring accuracy through the nazi war production plant.

    Another victory for Calhoun and the rest of the crew…..


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