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The Mystery Of Van Gogh’s Ear Solved

van_gogh_self_portrait_with_bandaged_ear_and_pipe_poster-r3a693e5ed5ed425bae7d109c57d108d2_zpy0k_8byvr_512Art scholars for years have debated whether Van Gogh sliced off his whole ear or just the lobe when he took a razor to himself in Arles, France the night of December 23rd, 1888.

Author Bernadette Murphy, who lives as an expat in Arles, went to a considerable effort to find the answer and her discoveries were featured in a really interesting episode of the PBS series, “Secrets of the Dead,” this week.



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  1. As usual I was up early this morning and turned the TV on because the internet wouldn’t work due to the extreme cold outside, it’s about 2 degrees right now. So I turned on PBS at 4 Am and I watched this documentary about Van Gogh’s ear. I found it fascinating that this English lady had the persistence to find out the truth about Van Gogh’s ear that it took her over 7 years of intense research to find out the truth. In my mind I find that there is a definite link between madness and genius. Of course licking the paint brush covered with lead paint probably didn’t help him any. I love Van Gogh’s paintings especially Starry Night and his paintings of sunflowers. And the song Starry, Starry Night by Don McClean is one of my favorite songs.

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