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The Next #BlackLivesMatter Locale

Reader Mr. Mxyzptlk reporting-

A couple of weeks ago, a white University of Cincinnati cop stopped a black man (off campus) for not having a front license plate.  When asked for his driver’s license he apparently handed the cop a bottle of liquor.
We’re not sure what happened next, but the cop says he was dragged by the car so he shot the guy (dead) once in the head. There is a body cam but they won’t release it – the case was sent to a grand jury.
The dead man, of course, was a pillar of the community, having at least 13 children, and was a “music producer”.
Last night, #BlackLivesMatter held a rally that was pretty much rained out, but they’re chanting “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” and the usual tripe.
Now the “family” has hired Mark O’Mara (George Zimmerman’s attorney from Florida.) Wonder where that money came from?

Compilation of stories from just one Cincy TV station here:

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  1. This happened in my neck of the woods. My radar will be up if I am traveling through welfare supported ethnic communities. My life matters and so does my family. I recommend the same for all. Anyone want to take odds on some trusting liberal getting the s#!T kicked out of him or killed while clubbing in the ethnically mixed portion of town?

  2. Plenty of circumstantial evidence and informed speculation that there is a core group of activist agitators that are traveling around the country, every time one of these incidents occurs, no matter what the evidence is, to stir up the local uninformed 13%ers to “protest” against the police.

    At the same time we have endless mob beatings and orgainized robberies going on all over the country, almost always justified in some twisted way as being in retribution for all the supposed oppression by nasty white cracker policemen.

    This has been going on for quite some time now and these incidents are increasing in frequency and violence. We’re on the verge of full-blown race riots in this country from coast to coast, and they will be anything but spontaneous or justified in any way.

  3. Leftists, and Obama in particular, would love race riots. It would give them an excuse to exert all sorts of unconstitutional power, and all the while, the lying media would be extolling the virtues of the power grab.

  4. The (Black-really black-his name is Harry Black AND he came here from Baltimore) city manager fueled the fire today by saying that, although he hadn’t seen the police body cam video, he talked to someone who had, and it sure doesn’t look good for the city.
    (big help he is)

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