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The No More Political Prosecutions Act


“The No More Political Prosecutions Act is commonsense legislation that provides Presidents and Vice Presidents (current and former) with the option to move their state cases to a federal court, the same option already provided to other federal officials and employees,” he [Senator Tom Tillis [R-NC] said. More

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  1. i would prefer cases be adjudicated by a small town jury, in a swing state… that would help ensure a more accurate representation of “a jury of your peers”… any court, were 95% of the jury pool votes for only one political party has already rigged the system… yeah, i’m talking about the corruption of due process in DC and NY… i feel nothing but contempt for Democrat judges and politicians…

  2. You will never, ever get a jury from DC to NYC to convict any democrat of anything. You’d have to try them in West Virginia or Kentucky.Then listen to the leftards scream about how unfair it is.

  3. Just congress making a carveout for themselves. Nothing new here.
    Next Tillis (Rino-NC) will be asking for federal reparations for congress because, well just because.


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