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The Not So Little Mermaid

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  1. Those starfish are holding on for dear life, if they let go she’s eat them.

  2. OMG! A whale has more buoyancy than her. Lord, when are black people, mainly black Americans going to stop making fools of themselves. I know – probably, never…*sigh*.

  3. Yup, manatee wannabe.

    Around here (SW FL) we call manatees “sea cows”.

    I think she qualifies as a “seawater buffalo”.
    And I do believe Eden Jacobowitz would agree.

  4. We had a guy in my fighter squadron on board the Kitty Hawk when we were transiting the San Bernadino Straits in the Philippines who swore up and down that he’d seen a mermaid in those waters. It turned to be a manatee and he was probably horny as well since we were about to get to Subic (Pubic) Bay and Olongapo City later that day.


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