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The Ol’ “There’s Something Wrong With the Ride” Trick


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  1. I was done with carney rides at about 12. When the carney would come to our little town I would hire myself out to help assemble the rides. The fact that they would hire a 12-13 year old to put those together made think twice about getting on one.

  2. ROFLOL!
    Yeah, I see wha’cher doin’ there.
    Have fun with the rubes.

  3. Something is wrong with the people that want to go on those mechanical monster rides that break down all too often. A recent case was one of those roller coasters that go upside down. Well one of them stopped and left people hanging upside down for a long period before the ride dudes got it going again. The blood rushing to your head and staying there can be fatal, I’ve read.

    Eventually, for most people, the idea of reducing risks instead of increasing them, gets some traction.

    It’s like this: if ya think it’s your right under the 1st (or any) Amendment to go to some cheap-ass bar at 11pm on a Saturday night in Harlem wearing a Klanster outfit, get ready for a ton of trouble.

  4. If you like getting turned upside down and shaken and being subjected to high G forces like I do then I strongly recommend paying for a ride in an aerobatic aircraft, preferably open cockpit. You’ll never forget it! Plus, the machinery is inspected maybe even more than you’d want it to be, but the biggest plus is that the pilot is hanging his ass on the line every time he takes off and he really, really doesn’t want to die.

  5. “Plus, the machinery is inspected ”

    Not that I’ve met a lot of them but every carnie I’ve ever met smokes dope like a chimney. I’d rather take the plane ride.

  6. I was 13 or so waiting n line for one of the more challenging rides when a good sized bolt, falling from the ride itself beaned the kid in front of me. He went down screaming and I went to try my luck at the shooting range.


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