The Only Way To Navigate This World, Today, Is By Being Really Offensive” – Gavin McInnes – IOTW Report

The Only Way To Navigate This World, Today, Is By Being Really Offensive” – Gavin McInnes

I agree with McInnes. If you’re white, it’s time to just be offensive and tell people to GFThemselves if they are offended.

The pendulum has to swing away from self-loathing white progressive shitweasels who are rolling over and apologizing for, literally, being alive while white.


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  1. That is me, everyday. I refuse to be politically correct.
    I love the reactions I get.

    “OMG, you can’t say that”.
    To which my reply is “BITE ME”.

  2. I love Gavin. I think he and I were separated at birth, because I LIVE to offend stupid libtards.

  3. Actual Rickles interaction with an female audience member in Vegas

    So, your last name is Nelson, huh?

    How’s your brother, Half? And how’s your half-brother, Quarter?

  4. O.K. Gavin – – but I haven’t heard you say anything offensive yet. How about stupid niggers or fucking goat-humping muzzies?

  5. If one allows the perpetually offended to stifle your speech you’ve already lost.
    It’s actually quite entertaining to challenge the snowflakes as they have no logical retort.
    Pissing them off is a goal. Most are so cowardly that they merely leave in a huff without saying anything.

  6. Sounds nice, but if you work for an organisation, or your kids are in school, the fight is always you against a zombie army so I usually keep my mouth shut until provoked or asked specifically what my opinion is on certain things. Living in the U.K., I was asked sympathetically about how I felt about Trump being elected. “Are you ok?” When I said I’m a big supporter, love him bladdly blah, blah blah .. I did not make any friends just noticed people looked at me in a way that conveys I’m a douche that should be dead. Do I give a flying shit ? No. But I’m concerned about how this will impact my son and work. It’s always creeping in on you.

  7. Billy, are you kidding? Gavin totally goes after the muzzies. He started people looking into muzzie inbreeding on Joe Rogan podcast. He made a joke ( which he apologized for) about jada pinkett being his favorite monkey actress.

  8. It gets tiresome. I have Mexicans living next to me and all over my block and neighborhood. Not Mexican-Americans. Mexicans.

    Just mentioning the word Mexican to someone who doesn’t live near me evokes a shocked look and something like ‘But that doesn’t matter, right?!” before I can even finish my sentence. Well, no, moron, it doesn’t matter in a general sense. Except my anecdote is directly related to it. If people with German heritage moved in next door and threw their own Oktoberfest and served warm German beer in steins, I would have started off: The Germans next door threw…

    I wouldn’t want them to think my neighbors are appropriating Mexican heritage when the kids were swinging at a pinata, now would I?

    This policing of the language is just control over the people. Get in line, Schwinehund!

  9. Gina

    A wave starts with a rain drop.

    You are likely to give strength to others that feel cowed and powerless. It is empowering to hear you’re not alone.

    This is why I hung around here. I felt the world went mad with O and I was alone with all the libs around me.

    I found sanity and support here.

    You may be the difference for someone near you. Someone who gave up from being pushed down all the time.

    May God bless you and keep you strong.

    You are a drop of freshness wherever you go.

  10. ” …Most are so cowardly that they merely leave in a huff without saying anything.”
    – PHenry

    I think it’s some cowardice with a heavy dose of “Don’t know WTF they are talking about so they can’t respond” Alternate version: “All they got is talking points they heard elsewhere”.

    For 34 years I’ve had a ridiculously easy time showing my most-lefty friend he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I wish I had recorded the time I went down the list of parallels between the NAZIs and the US left. Point by point he could not deny what I said. His mouth was agape and resorted to his standard “Ok,Ok,Ok,Ok,Ok,Ok” to end the slaughter by the 6th or 7th point.

    Don’t even try to tell me the US right are NAZIs public. You will get a very public lesson (My favorite kind for libs) on history you obviously missed.

  11. I started being offensive back in November. I open carry a big pistol on my property, speak my mind, and don’t apologize or back down. I CC everywhere else, because I want an advantage. I have no problem calling people out for being “piggy”.

  12. Aaargh, I actually bought the same “Literally Hitler” t-shirt but haven’t had the chance to wear it in public yet, and now people are going to think I’m doing it to copy Gavin. It isn’t fair!

  13. No need to go overboard in today’s climate.
    It is enough to offend people to say, “no, I do not think all black lives matter. In fact, there are black shitweasels in the news every day that I wish were dead, as there are white shitweasels that I wish were dead.”

    “No, I do not care for Mexican border jumpers, whatever the reason. They are not my responsibility as non-citizens, as the Mexican nationals are not responsible for me.”

  14. Yeah. Go on the offensive. But I will not be “offensive” as in using offensive language, derogatory words, etc.

    But I will be politically incorrect, which is the worst offense imaginable to a lefty.

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