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The Perfect Scam

AT: Green energy is an incredible money-making scam. The promoters of green energy make billions of dollars promoting dumb energy schemes that are completely useless. What makes the scam extremely clever is that the scammers have convinced the public that the purpose of their scam is to improve the environment. The scammers pretend to be earnest environmental advocates.

Any really good scam needs endorsements from authoritative sounding sources. In the case of green energy, the authoritative sources are in on the scam. The beneficiaries of the green energy scam go way beyond the wind and solar industries.

Non-profit environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club or Greenpeace, need to be seen as fighting against an urgent looming catastrophe. If they don’t have something dreadful to fight against, no one is going to join their organizations or give them money. Global warming, allegedly caused by carbon dioxide, is the looming catastrophe and green energy is the solution. When the globe failed to warm they renamed the looming catastrophe climate change in place of global warming. Now they blame every instance of bad weather on climate change created by burning coal and oil. What were formerly acts of God are now the fault of the oil and coal companies.

Scientists are a special interest group largely financed by the federal government. Global warming is a magnificent gift to the science industry. The industry has been corrupted by pathological science that is primarily intended to increase flow of money from Washington. Science directed toward discovering truth is out of fashion. The many scientists that are global warming skeptics don’t exist as far as the science industry is concerned.

Government agencies, and the politicians that give the agencies money, have embraced the threat of climate change. It gives them something to do that is more  noble, even romantic than  highways and making the trains run on time. The government spends billions on subsidizing wind and solar energy.

Ironically, electric utility companies love wind and solar green energy. They know perfectly well that wind and solar are useless because wind and solar generate electricity erratically and have to be backed up by reliable conventional electric generating plants. more

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  1. There is only one scam bigger than the climate scam: very, very few people have resisted buying into the notion that governments, institutions claiming exclusive rights to exercise power over the inhabitants of a particular piece of land, are necessary and beneficial. They are neither.

    If you think govt is necessary and (occasionally) beneficial, you’ve been had.

  2. “electric utility companies love wind and solar”
    Most of which are required by law to build/use *renewable* energy. A lot of it.

  3. My best friend from high school holds around fifty solar energy patents. He has working solar dishes of his own design that he invented in the late 1970s. At that time you could build one of his low-maintenance dishes for $10,000. Each dish could provide the power for four houses for a lifetime. However, because he had invented something that actually was feasible powers-that-be conspired to thwart him. He was working on a deal with the government of India who wanted to utilize his design but the deal mysteriously “fell apart”. So it’s not about having an alternative energy source. It IS about scamming and making money.

  4. “Wind Farms” are now and always have been a boondoggle! 15 years ago Arnie cami in as a real conservative. One of the things he did that pissed off Maria’s entertainment friends was cut the stat subsidy of wind farms in half! Most “Wind farms” are the acme of unprofitable. Some would die in a year without the taxpayers support. Most would die in 5 years at half rations. Who;ch is why Kareem, Bruce, Babs …. e. al. gave Maria one earful. Their tax loopholes were in danger of making them look like a Scout on a “Snipe Hunt” holding an empty bag. (I did such a thing in the Blue Ridge Mountains in ’50; ONLY DID IT 1 TIME! So Arnie made a left turn (on everything, not just this) and increased the stat handouts in ’16 to what they had been in ’03.

    If the taxpayers stop handing out $ NO “Wind farm” will live more than 10 years; most die in less than 3!

    I worked as a “Bean Counter” for decades; retired as a CFO. these kinds of thing I did, and did well, for a living.

    Wind farms are as useful as JFK’s second our – For those under 60 he said”Nixon ordered me back to Nam in 68.” The press willfully repeated this lie over, and over, and….
    LBJ was President in 68! kids! the Press put out a lie THAT THEY ALL HAD TO KNOW WAS A LIE as a fact! America’s enemy YOU BETCHA!

    Fake news has been around America for at least 70 years. JFK’s “2 tours” and Wind farms are 2 of many examples of lies put out as facts. FAKE NEWS

  5. Watch for eight seconds:,

    to see marine fossil inclusions in limestone.
    Yes, that limestone — which has naturally
    sequestered enough CO2 to quadruple Earth’s
    atmosphere. But, butt, how can that be?
    Life could not possibly have existed on a
    fiery Earth with SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND times
    as much CO2 as Algore’s 400 ppm tipping point.

  6. “It IS about scamming and making money.”
    – Anonymous November 13, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Power (control) over the people. Can’t let them have their own power. Won’t have any control.

  7. I see monster wind turbine blades heading
    north on I-45 coming from the Galveston ports.
    Going to north west Texas and OK.All along
    I-40. There goes my tax $$$ into someone’s
    hands.Bet they know Ole Al GORE…

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