While Moronic Rumpled Hobo-Looking Neil Young Blames Trump For His Mansion Fire, NASA Reports We Are Entering a Sun Phase Which Could Bring Mini Ice-Age

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You’re going to take scientific advice from this mangy mutt? 


“The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” wrote Dr. Tony Phillips just six weeks ago, on September 27, 2018.  The lack of sunspots on our sun could bring about record cold temperatures, and perhaps even a mini ice age. 

Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018 and Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding, says Phillips, the editor of spaceweather.com.  “The bad news,” according to Phillips, is: “It also delays the natural decay of space junk, resulting in a more cluttered environment around Earth.”

“It could happen in a matter of months,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center on the cold snap that may be coming. “If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold,” says Mlynczak. “We’re not there quite yet,” he said. However, “months” is not all that far away.

Data from NASA’s TIMED (Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics) satellite shows that the thermosphere (the uppermost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, literally decreasing the radius of the atmosphere. This reduction of solar activity could result in a global cooling phase. “The thermosphere always cools off during Solar Minimum. It’s one of the most important ways the solar cycle affects our planet,” said Mlynczak, according to The New American

The new NASA findings are in line with studies released by UC-San Diego and Northumbria University in Great Britain last year, both of which predict aGrand Solar Minimum in coming decades due to low sunspot activity.


Hey, I know what can warm the planet?

Have Neil Young convert cars into electric vehicles and we can all have our houses catch fire!!

23 Comments on While Moronic Rumpled Hobo-Looking Neil Young Blames Trump For His Mansion Fire, NASA Reports We Are Entering a Sun Phase Which Could Bring Mini Ice-Age

  1. Global cooling? Oh, No. No. No. The real danger is from catastrophic sea level rise! One to two inches, upwards of 30 feet in places with local accumulations up to 100 meters!! It’s already happening!!11010!!

    (Actually, the coming global cooling could make the coming fiscal crisis look like an unemployed walk in the park on a summer day.)

  2. Fun Fact: I can actually withstand Geddy Lee’s voice 5 minutes longer than Neil’s. I met him back in the late 70’s, my older hippie sister swooned. He really came off as a jerk IIRC.

  3. Long term global warming is causing short term global cooling, which will result in the temporary loss of funding for fighting global climate change due to a serious loss of credibility by advocates of spending money to solve one of these here problems. Know what I mean, Vern?

  4. I’m curious about the liabilities of CA authorities for all of these fires that they are blaming on GW. I mean if they knew that climate change was going to cause more wild fires, why let so many people build in areas prone to these disasters? Why didn’t they warn people and fine them for not making their properties less flammable?

    I wonder how many people will be able to afford their homeowners insurance for building in areas where climate change puts their property at a greater risk?

    Moonbeam and others have stated it like it’s a fact they’ve know about all along. If so, there should be consequences.

  5. Wyatt’s Money Grab Enterprises, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to announce the development of the newest and coolest snow ski resort ever located in Orlando, Florida. Instead of tourists dressed in ill-fitting shorts, sandals with black socks and t-shirts emblazoned with advertising cavorting about the Magic Kingdom, these same folks can don snow pants and parkas and wend their way down Florida’s only artificial mountain from August to June of every year. Wyatt Money Grab Enterprises, Inc. proposes to build this artificial mountain with the soil from new lakes to be dug out (and converted to ice skating rinks) and padded with the billions of now-unnecessary Disney souvenirs discarded during the new ice age.

    Investment money is now being solicited, and this opportunity should sell out as fast as I can pay the down payment on my south Caribbean mansion complex. According to Mr. Maddoff, my trusted financial advisor, this is a once in a lifetime chance at getting in on the ground floor and waiting for a formal prospectus will only delay things.

  6. Do you take Bitcoin, Wyatt? I’m particularly interested in participating in a food service startup featuring local agricultural produce: frozen alligator, freeze-dried manatees, all-you-can-eat swamp salad, feral pigs-on-a-stick and that as-yet-to-be-identified frozen-in-place bipedal mammal that has filled local swamps. I’m hearing they’re called “Floridians” and make an excellent soup stock. Oh, and I hear the snakes are particularly good in the winter months.

  7. Here’s something to ponder. CA recently mandated all new residential construction must include solar panels. 6700 structures have been razed in the fires so far. I know it’s a forest maintenance issue but someone mentioned this to me at a meeting I was at today.

  8. Remember folks, Al Gore made a billion dollars going around the world warning of the impending glacier melts and sea levels rising. Then when he thought no one was looking he bought an estate in California. At sea level.

  9. So…. according to this article…. global cooling is mere months away.

    Which coincides nicely with ski season and winter generally.

    FINALLY. A little cooperation from bitchtress earth.

  10. I have genuine sympathy for the people who’s apartments and cars burned but none for actor-wipes that flaunt their wealth with an attitude.

  11. He wears a hat thinking he’s cool?

    HE’S BALD.

    Eff em.

    @ BFH – Put ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ on the worst song list.



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