The Pope and the Prop

The AP confirmed today what Gateway Pundit observed on Wednesday. Sophie Cruz, the daughter of illegal immigrants, who made it past security to hand the Pope a message was part of a staged action by a coalition of illegal immigrant groups from Los Angeles.


 They had been scheming to get the photo op for a year.  

 “We planned to do this from the moment we learned he was coming to the States.” 


To achieve the staged event meant picking the most adorable child they could use, fly her and her father out to D.C. and have her placed strategically along the Pope’s parade route.

7 Comments on The Pope and the Prop

  1. duh. It’s the first thought that entered my mind when I saw it. Leftists never tire of using children as props in their political street theater.

  2. the leftist / communists always use children as props.

    ….because their arguments can’t stand on reality or logic so they resort to emotion.

  3. Sick and fucking tired of idiotic meme street theatre… Yeah… sure… We should open up our borders because everyone coming across is a cute little five year old girls and her sweet family of taco benders.

  4. In one of the videos, you can see her being guided around while inside the barricades and before the popemobile shows up. No effort being made to put her back with her family. She didn’t “make it past security”. She was aided and abetted by that “security”. The activist group could not possibly hope to pull this off unless they had that aid. So, this was clearly orchestrated by the White House thru co-conspirators in the SS.

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