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The Poster Child For Axing Ridiculous Grant Money For “Scientific” Research

She this Holyjoke of a “scientist”? Her name is Patricia Brennan.

She receives grant money to study animal penises. Why does she study them? What is the important information that is gleaned from her expensive research?

Damned if she knows.

Fellowship of the Minds-

New England Public Radio calls Brennan a “basic scientist,” meaning she only observes how things work and is not “necessarily applying that knowledge to a particular problem.” In other words, there is no particular reason why she studies duck and orca whale penises. In Brennan’s words, “Just the fact that we just don’t know what we’re going to find is so exciting.”

But don’t get fooled into thinking she’s just simply a bubblehead getting paid to stare at animal junk. No no.

She has an agenda, which is why she gets her casheesh.

  • Male ducks rape female ducks.
  • Both the vaginas and penises of ducks have evolved in response to “sexual conflict”. As Brennan puts it, with barely suppressed outrage: “Males have counterclockwise spiraling penises, while females have clockwise spiraling vaginas and blind pockets that prevent full eversion of the male penis. Male ducks force copulations on females, and males and females are engaged in a genital arms race with surprising consequences. Male competition is a driving force behind these male traits that can be harmful to females.”

Trump is shutting off the spigot to this kind of asinine wastes of resources. That is why universities vote left-wing and indoctrinate their weak-minded students into becoming foot soldiers that fight for the continued largesse of the government. Trump supporters are people not interested in subsidizing a useless bint like Patricia Brennan.


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  1. I do not believe in grants, and have never applied for one in 18 years, even though the pressure is ever present.

    They should suspend all of them, except in the case of REAL medical research ( cancer, MS, etc.)

  2. I suggest she study preying matins during her unemployment because after the male rapes the female she kills him. She can buy a whole living pack of eggs for $20 on line.

  3. This broad sounds as screwy as the duck genitalia that she gets off on. Er, I mean, – that she studies.

  4. Based on the post from yesterday, the VA apparently has some extra penises laying around…and they’re paid for, she can study them.

  5. Nature just isn’t fair! What next? Will she set up a duck court (not to be confused with a kangaroo court) where female ducks can lodge complaints against those sexist, rapist drakes? Will she knit little pink pussy hats for the female ducks so that they can hold a big protest march (waddle?)

  6. Can’t really blame her. She didn’t make the rules. If I got paid to study my own penis, I would take the job…

  7. If you’re trying to figure out why some people truly hate the thought of Mr. Trump as President, right here is a prime example.
    She’s about to lose her cushy high salary 25 hours a week long lunch big fat pension government funded “job.”

  8. To state the obvious, rape implies (refusal of) consent, which implies a consciousness of the flow of time and more importantly cause and effect, and the ability to make choices based on expectations of the future.

    Hmm. Given the usual feminist assumptions about human males’ cognitive abilities, it seems like men cannot rape women, either.

  9. Anybody here watched ducks f…?

    They are raped. Usually by about 4 drakes. Which is my rationale to shoot those male bastards and eat them.

    Anyway this isn’t something you need a college degree to study. A drive by a pond in the spring will allow you to figure this out

  10. Mommy! Mommy! What did you do?!
    Oh honey, I studied duck penises!
    When I grow up, can I do that too?
    Of course honey! It’s in the Constitution!

  11. I once watched two drakes rape the hell on a duck. I mean they whacked the shit out of her for about 5 minutes. Then the floated away. After a few minutes she cleaned herself up and joined them, and they floated around together chatting. That’s what ducks do.
    As Whoopie Goldberg would say, that’s not really a rape- rape.

  12. Dirty Bird is hiding in the bushes.

    Along the path comes a dove. Quick as a wink, Dirty Bird grabs the dove and drags it into the bushes. Awhile later, the dove walks out of the bushes and continues down the path, saying:

    “I’m a little dove, and I’ve just been loved, and I like it.”

    Later, a lark comes down the path. Quick as a wink, Dirty Bird grabs the lark and drags it into the bushes. After a while, the lark walks out of the bushes and continues down the path, saying:

    “I’m a little lark, and I’ve just been sparked, and I like it.”

    Later, along comes a duck.

    Quick as a wink, Dirty Bird grabs the duck and drags it into the bushes. Awhile later, the duck walks out of the bushes and continues down the path, saying:

    “I’m a big drake, and somebody made a mistake, and I don’t like it!”

  13. Why you picking on us real bubbleheads again?

    We got brains and most of us don’t study penis’.

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