The Power is Within Us to Stop Fascism

Trevor Matrixbreaker — Say what you will about David Icke, but this is probably his best speech ever. This was today in London at the anti Ho-Shit-19 protest. Lots of love to all of my British family and German family. You guys are setting the example that the rest of the world needs to follow. This speech gives me chills. There’s literally nothing else to say except… WAKE UP.. or allow the psychopaths to keep you and your children asleep FOREVER!!!

Watch HERE

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  1. Yeah, it is!
    We can’t go back on the bench – ever. And we can’t use the GOP as our political party – ever. At best we may vote with them, if in our interests.

    While Pelosi is evil incarnate, so is mcconnwll – but more deviously.

  2. I probably posted this comment on the wrong thread. It belongs here.

    When the arrests and persecutions start, 80 million Americans will be without a country. Either that, or 80 million Americans will take it back by force.

  3. Excellent speech.

    All the bastards organizing and collaborating with this global fascist takeover need to be arrested, tried and meet a severe justice.

  4. @Mickey

    I looked into Costa Rica extensively a few years back.
    The problem I found was that the native citizens there will always treat you like the government does here.
    What do I mean? You’ll be welcomed warmly and treated friendly while at every moment they’re scheming to find ways to screw you out of your money. Just under the surface of all those smiling faces are people that harbor deep resentment toward the rich spoiled gringo’s.
    Example: You’re invited to dinner by your neighbor, You think how nice and eagerly accept. They lay out a tropical feast and you all enjoy the meal followed by drinks and pleasant conversation after which you head home.
    The following morning that charming neighbor knocks on your door and hands you a large bill for everything, everyone’s food and
    It’s kind of comical but that’s the mindset.

  5. Jimmy, 80M people did not vote for biteme, he maybe got 40M votes tops.
    a giant huge majority strongly rejected all things biteme

  6. Yeah, always liked Icke. Thought he should consider running for office in Britain. But, probably doesn’t have the temperament or patience for it.

    BTW, ICYMI, here is something that might cheer you up after the voter fraud.

    It’s Trump, published January 13 on BitChute. About 8 minutes. Enjoy!

    Couldn’t eat for days after sifting through a lot of evidence of voter fraud. Since the Dims got away with this so easily, they will, by God, do it again and again. until the long guns come out.

    God Bless President Trump and God Bless America!

  7. “They don’t have guns. We have guns. So far the results are the same.”

    As I see it now, the way the long guns of government have responded to the evidence of the 2020 election fraud, I do not expect to see any future government correct this in my lifetime, as we are now standing inside the doorway of the Third World.

  8. “So far the results are the same”
    Once the shooting start, it ain’t gonna stop for a while.
    Who wants to be the one to get the ball rolling – you?

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