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The President Speaks About Biden Corruption in New Ad

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  1. Exposing the Biden corruption may inspire some of the more apathetic right wingers to be sure to vote, but I doubt it will have any effect at all on Biden’s standing with the Left who will vote for him anyway simply because he is on their side of the divide.

    Remember, they unconditionally supported Hillary last time in spite of her obvious crookedness even with their own competing candidates for the nomination.

  2. Democrat worshipers never change, they’ve been brain washed in koolaid and dried in darkness.

  3. Most will gladly (and blindly) go along with “It’s the Roossians” again.

    The Biden crime family will join the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis as America’s top crime families, untochables.

  4. It had to be said by the President, straight to us, because we have no media, only deep state disinformation operations.

    What galls me is the same media and IC people who still claim that Trump/Russian Collusion has never been disproven are now smearing hard evidence of Biden/China/Ukraine Collusion by saying it’s exactly the same as the Trump/Russia Collusion hoax. Christopher Steele is “hero of the Resistance” one minute, and a “fraud just like Rudy Giuliani” the next. Unbelievable.

    BTW, Biden called a lid last night for the whole day today, right after Bobulinski talked to Tucker. It’s out there, for those who are concerned. I hope there are enough of them.

  5. I do believe some people who voted foe Biden now regret their vote. How can we doubt the power of finding proof of Biden’s corruption has changed some minds.

    I don’t remember how many have inquired into how they can change their early vote, but it was quite sizable. Some states allow for the votes to be changed, and I pray that this will end early voting. Absentee voting should still be allowed within reason, but this early voting is ripe with the scent of voter fraud.

    But, I do hope that this does change some minds. Some.

    Edit: Cisco Kid, YES. I was typing when you commented, and so agree with you!

  6. Ever since the travesty of early voting was foisted on us by Democrats, there has always been a bunch of “cAn i cHaNgE mY VoTe“ ninnies. Their percentage of the electorate is fairly constant over the years, and it has very little to do with bombshells, new info or Octo-Surprises.

    It’s just lofos being lofos, and it changes nothing including their votes. Anybody who’d idly google that question is too apathetic to actually go through the process of changing their vote, assuming their state even allows it. Which most do not allow it.

    Sorry. Wet Rag Rant /off

  7. Look at what Hillary got away with! All this corruption sickens me. I’ve heard of the corruption that existed in ancient Greece and Rome but never thought it could happen in modern times and I really believe it’s the peoples fault. No one is demanding accountability, no one is being punished, corrupt politicians are still being voted in office. Maybe term limits, less pay and required financial transparency for public servants would help some? Don’t give someone the time to get rich on kickbacks and bribes!

  8. Can someone talk me off the ledge? I have this sinking feeling, and I’ve had it for six months, that the reason the democrats are OK with Joe, the reason he’s not even campaigning, the reason they’re not panicking in the streets, is that they know they’re going to win. I honestly believe that somewhere in the democrat machine, there is someone who could tell us today what the final vote totals will be. Further more, other than Trump himself, I think if on election night it is reported that Biden got 100% of the vote, republicans would say, “Oh well, guess we’ll have to do better next time.” I am sick at my stomach today, and I can’t shake it. Help!

  9. Corruption is a manifestation of greed (and covetousness)- wanting what belongs to others.

    My guess is that a lot of people harbor some sympathy for the practitioners, thereof. Civilization has existed for some 6,000 years and in all that time we’ve done very little to combat it. So, if something’s tolerated for 60 centuries, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s desirability.

    Not necessarily a human trait – Hyenas, Foxes, Wolves, Vultures, Great Cats, Dingo Dogs – will all try to steal the carcass from that who killed it.
    Maybe it’s just a part of our make-up? There are those who still talk about what a “great liar” Bill Clinton is, with obvious appreciation.

    “The strong do what they can; the weak suffer what they must.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. @nco77
    Pray. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
    I keep going back to 2016 and the democrap’s confidence and polling right up to election day and then the final results. I see NOTHING that tells me that President Trump has lost any of his base that he had in 2016, and almost everything tells me that his support has grown exponentially. When was the last time that you saw HUGE organic car and boat rallies for a candidate all over the USA? Never before in the history of the USA has this happened. Biden has NOTHING that would motivate his base to vote more for him than hitlery. The positive atmosphere for biden is all made up fiction – a charade. All they have left is corruption of the votes. I don’t believe they have the tools in place to overcome the GIANT RED WAVE that is flowing toward election day.
    Find someone who is on the fence and spend just a few minutes to convince them to at lease NOT vote for sleepy joe. Then personally take them to the polling place to vote. If everyone does that the election should be in the bag for President Trump.

  11. nco77 they always tell people they’re going to win and carry on as they will, cheating or not. Same as how they will go on TV, stand in front of a burning building with rioters chanting around it and tell you that the scene is mostly peaceful.

  12. Oh here’s a funny thing-
    Have you noticed the burned out/destroyed mailbox stories? Yeah, hardly anyone on the left is talking about that. You know why? Because it’s Antifa. It’s the Dems who mailed in their votes early, including the fraudulent ones, so they’re actually hurting them. lol.

    Burning mailboxes is so banana republic.

  13. I dunno, the sex/porn/underage Humper thing IMHO is more destructive to the Bidens. We don’t know how all that transpired, but we do know how the money laundering transpired. The sex/porn will give Humper a long time in prison, and will be harder on him than being sent up for money laundering. Convicts don’t like kiddie molesters. I can hear Jamal barking orders as I type this. “PICK UP THE SOAP HUMPER!”

  14. Just voted, took me 2.5hours, got in line 40 minutes before the place opened and line was around the block. Lots of Trump voters out, here in communist controlled northern va. Hopefully enough to flip some seats down ballot. If the commies decide they want to get rough, I’m prepared.

  15. I’ve noticed something very telling. Anytime there is an article about Trump, the Biden low IQ crowd comes out and slams Trump, but never, and I do mean never, do you see them write, “I’m supporting Biden because…” No one says he’s going to be a great president, no one talks about how smart he is, no one talks about how honest he is. All they have is hatred for Trump.


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