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The Results Are In: Red States Won The COVID Fight, Hands Down

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In the state-level struggle for the future of America, there can be little doubt: The Red State model of free markets, low taxes, and minimal regulation is beating the daylights out of the Blue State model of top-down control, high taxes, and pervasive nanny-state regulation. But will it last?

The Wall Street Journal, deploying data from the center-left Brookings Institution, last month reported that Blue states, those governed by Democrats, were still 1.3 million jobs short of where they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Red states, those led by Republicans, had managed to add 350,000 jobs.

A big reason for the disparity is the fact that millions fled Blue states during COVID.

“Forty-six million people moved to a different ZIP Code in the year through February 2022, the most in any 12-month period in records going back to 2010,” the Journal wrote. And most of them moved from Blue to Red states, with Florida, Texas, and North Carolina the biggest gainers, while California, New York, and Illinois lost the most. more here

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  1. And said “Red States” have to raise their taxes to make way for all the new arrivals. Schools, roads, hospitals, sewers, water, etc., all will be paid for by longtime residents and new arrivals. Be careful what you wish for. Sister lives in TX and is already complaining about their taxes, water, and power. Wherever you go there you are. I managed to stay away from the jab. I’d go to jail before I got jabbed. Didn’t lock down either. I wore a mask., Made sure the door greeter saw me putting my hands all over my mask then telling them “I’ll be touching things in your store, do you feel safe now?” Give’em a big smile!

  2. No offense, but we red state folks aren’t too thrilled with all of this moving. It’s like when city folks move to the country and 9 out of 10 turn their dogs loose so they can have freedom, freedom to chase our livestock and kill our livestock before their dogs gets shot. 9 out of 10 complain about hearing mooing, oinking, cackling and crowing and complain shit smells. 9 out of 10 complain about the dirt roads and want them paved and want those of us who have lived on them all of our lives to pay for it.

    I found a random 10 the other day commenting on a local Oklahoma news page. Four were from New York, two were from California, two from Minnesota, one from Michigan and one from Washington. They were all complaining about Oklahoma being full of religious nuts who were using their religion to discriminate against women, aka no more baby killing in this state, against LGBTQ+; aka no more boys playing girls’ sports, fascists; aka no more porn in schools, racists; aka no CRT taught in schools. Only one of them wasn’t going down this route and it was a guy from New York, who said he moved here for exactly those reasons and that it was morality not discrimination, racism or fascists.
    So they were kindly told by thousands of Oklahomans to go back to where they came from because they weren’t welcome here.

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  4. Big influx for Massholes and new yawkers here in SC as well… and we have grahamnesty and scott!

  5. Old racist white woman, I’m from Massachusetts and am moving to a Southern State. I cant wait to get back to dirt roads, livestock sounds and the smell of shit. You won’t hear a peep out of me and you won’t see my dog roaming the countryside. And if your barn burns, I’ll be the first one there with tools and lumber to help get it back up. I’ll even wave when I drive by your place. Not all of us are a*holes.

  6. It has been recently discovered that the CCP-developed HIV drug Azvudine is behind the covid pandemic goal. This means that the covid vax is causing AIDS-like immunodepression, which in turn gives the illusion/impression that an “urgent” HIV vax is needed. CCP officials have given approval for the use of Azvudine to be used as covid treatment. In 2020 researchers from India published a paper reporting that segments of the viral RNA appeared more closely related to HIV than to covid. Of course, the paper was quickly retracted but not before it caught the attention of some attentive others.

  7. Have always despised the COMMUNIST REDS and it irks me that the Democrats describe the conservative states as “RED”

  8. @Old Racist White Woman: People moving to anywhere is the freedom that we still have. Choose wherever you want to live. I really don’t care how “established” rwsidents feel about it, they came from somewhere as well. Still free to choose.


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