The Robin Hood Shot

In archery, this is known as a ‘Robin Hood shot’.

17 Comments on The Robin Hood Shot

  1. A local archery range used to have a small collection of those, but with blackheads and aluminum shafts giving a spectacular banana peel split.

  2. @Sippin” Coffee

    It is very common.
    In this video he shot a smaller shaft through a larger shaft.

    Normally you are shooting groups and the 2nd arrow hits the 1st and decelerates and goes in about 1/6th of the way.

    You end up with about a 4 foot piece and a lot of tiny carbon fibre splinters.


  3. I did that once by accident. Really. It was a wooden shaft arrow, so it just split it.
    My family was heavily into archery hunting back in the 70’s. I still have my Dad’s first Fred Bear compound bow.

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