“This is how China wins WWIII without firing a shot.”

Police, Fire, Military Being Gutted by Vaccine Mandate: Is This China’s Plan to Destroy the USA?

Townhall | Wayne Allyn Root:

I have bad news and good news.

I’ll save the good news for the end — because you need to know there is hope.

The bad news is that the country is on fire, thanks to the brain-dead, feeble, old man with dementia (aka President Joe Biden). If you don’t believe me, just see the 14,000 Haitian migrants hiding under a bridge in Texas, now released into America by Biden. That should help the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the worst is yet to come. I’m referring to Biden’s vaccine mandate. This is the most dangerous threat to our national security in history.

As a nationally syndicated radio host, I get thousands of emails a week. The ones I’m getting right now are downright tragic. I’m getting heartfelt letters of anguish from police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, corrections officers, active-duty military, military fighter jet pilots, even Navy SEALs.

They’re all getting ready to quit or be fired because of vaccine mandates. They do not want the vaccine. Even if they have to give up their pensions. Even if they are one year away from retirement and a six-figure pension.

They’ve studied the vaccine. They know the dangers. They know it’s crippling, killing and weakening the immune systems of millions of Americans. They’ve seen the Project Veritas undercover videos of U.S. government health care workers admitting the COVID-19 vaccine is killing and injuring Americans — and admitting our government is covering it up. more here

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  1. Prayers are so important. Please don’t poopoo them. Say your prayers everyday and have trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Once you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will be at peace. Please understand it has taken me many years to understand what danger we are all in and our country is at stake. I have faith and trust and KNOW all will be what we pray for. I know it will.

    Pray every day!!

    God Bless us all!

  2. The leftist tyrants don’t care if the non-compliant quit or get fired to avoid the fake vaccine. They will simply be replaced with the compliant sort who will happily do their bidding.

  3. A one dimensional look at reality.
    China’s got some serious financial problems they are facing.
    China can’t feed itself. In fact they depend on us.

    China runs its mouth a lot. Very seldom has the balls to take action. Freaken India just kicked their ass.
    The “Brain Dead” guy. He’s not calling the shots.

  4. “This is how China wins WWIII without firing a shot.”

    They fired a shot, all right. Millions of them, into the arm of 2/3rds of Americans.

    They just kill slower than the regular kind.

    But they kill entire nations, eventually.

    And you know who has a replacement population for the depopulated nations?


  5. WTF? Buy my book and I’ll tell you the good news. Hell of a way to get free advertising. Some would call this crap spam.

  6. In the last 6 years the democrats, commie bastards in D.C., and traitors of the MSM have overwhelmed us with lies. Why should we believe the suicide jab number claims?

  7. Who needs invading columns or nukes when you have democrat motherfuckers to rot your enemy’s society from the inside out?

    “Put on a mask for gaaawd’s sake you terrorist!!! (sob!)”

  8. If you think China is healthy google Evergrande. They are NOT flush with money. If Trump were in the White House right now he’d have them on the ropes.

  9. I don’t know it President Trump would have them on the ropes, but he was definitely getting in the way of their grand scheme!


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