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The Saddest, Most Senescent Joe Biden Video Yet

PJ Media: It’s been easy to make fun of Joe Biden videos since long before he became President (allegedly).

Go back to my late high school/early college days, and there is Biden in all his video glory, going off on unhinged rants about grades and awards he never received, or IQ points he never possessed.

Biden is a shameless liar, braggart, and fabulist, who — much to our national shame — was never laughed into richly-deserved obscurity.

Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Readers™ have joined me in the more recent fun of watching Biden try to shake hands with people who aren’t there, do the Old Man Shuffle to or from the Marine One helicopter, or get ignored — as POTUS! — at a White House reception because Smiling Barack Obama showed up to dazzle the crowd.

But this next video is just sad because it shows just how diminished the supposed Most Powerful Man in the world has become. watch

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  1. The maddening part of all of this is that I know too many people who are perfectly happy with Old Joe as POTUS. It doesn’t matter to them if he breaks a hip, screams at the sky or mumbles incoherently-he’s not Trump. Trump is the most evil of evil doers. After their 7th booster they will still vote Dem and think they are and the country are better for it.

  2. “After their 7th booster they will still vote Dem and think they are and the country are better for it.”


    Seriously, no way anyone survives that many boosters. The problem becomes the solution.

    Just don’t ride the crazy train yourself and let them take themselves out.

  3. This is the man the Left have chosen to lead the coalition of the damned against an paranoid megalomaniac with his finger in the button. Yeah, it sounds like I’m describing him fighting the man in the mirror. Crazy leaders elected — allegedly — by crazy people for a crazy time.

    We’ve never been closer to nuclear annihilation and everyone seems completely fine with it … because climate change is so much scarier.

  4. Politicians have been denying responsibility for their criminalities for decades. We allowed the Legislature to remove all responsibilities from Judges, for instance, leaving America without recourse to their depredations. Politicians will decide the morality and tone of Judges and other politicians – the FBI will decide the question of the illegalities of the FBI (just as Himmler’s SS adjudicated the SS and the GESTAPO determined however excessive the methods of the GESTAPO were).

    So the people of Delaware must have decided that whoever sat in the senate didn’t really represent Delaware, anyway, so why not this amusing liar? The Media immunizes politicians from scrutiny (unless they’re on the wrong side of the aisle) and scrubs the public persona till it shines. Face it – if the Fourth Estate was doing what they’re supposed to be doing, we would have never been saddled with the likes of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obola, or this Pedophilic Usurper.
    I get the impression that a great despondency has settled over the country, where we no longer rise at lies, but absorb them with resignation – that we no longer recognize freaks and close our eyes at perversion, hatred, riots, crimes, murders, disease, the invasion of rat-people – just hoping that whatever bad comes from it happens to someone else (see Chicago’s and Martha’s Vineyard’s responses to illegal-alien invaders as examples).

    Atomization of Society.
    The State as the ONLY moderating institution.

    God Help Us – we’re too fukkin stupid to help ourselves.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. He turns with one hand or both hands out looking desperately for his wet nurse Dorktor Jill after every appearance. His eyes blank, mouth agape, in a full panic, looking for rescue.

    When it does not arrive he shuffles with hands still stiffly extended looking for rescue.

    When the moderater desperately tries to salvage the scene of national humiliation Adoplh Pedo McShitshispants gets startled causing him to twitch and glitch.

    Then he loses focus again and literally wanders off in the opposite direction while the poor chap is still speaking.

    The pedophilic shithead has no clue where he is or is supposed to go, yet not a single satanic Demonrat has the compassion or courage to admit he is almost fully gone at this point.

    Maybe this video will move the needle as any honest person watching it sees the absolute proof of his rampant dementia.

    Especially if you have ever had a loved one in the grips of this horrible fate.

    The child groper deserves every bit of his syphilis induced retardation. He has less than 6 months before the million dollar meds stop working.

    Our beloved country is well and truly screwed…

  6. The people using a decrepit and deranged old man should be brought up on elder abuse charges,
    Immediately AFTER they are perp walked to the Gallows for destroying our Nation.
    By the way, This is NOT the saddest or worst video of an abused and confused old man…The worst is the ones of the party at the White House where everyone wanted to talk to obummer and flat out ignored the creepy old guy…
    See for yourself the cringe worthy abuse the puppet masters heap upon their pawn…

  7. This video is truly sad, but not because anyone has sympathy for Biden. It’s because when the rest of the world sees him acting as the president of the United States, they see you and me, and what they see is a lie.

  8. Why the long sad face this morning? They shot down my judge. To top it off the Special Master is hiring help that will cost me another $500.00 per hour on top of his payment. 😭

  9. I began listening to his bullshit – 2 minutes of it. I said to myself “why are you listening to this asshole and ruin your day?” So, I turned it off. He didn’t even finish kindergarten. I hope he gets that 4th jab.

  10. “Global Fund” bunch cheers the old Stumblefart.

    They like him because they can manipulate him, to the detriment of the USA. Anything “Global” is a red flag for me. To hell with that Global BS. America needs to stretch its Independent Muscles and tell the Globalists to Eff Off.

  11. Tim Buktu – His funeral should be to toss the old bastard onto a manure wagon pulled by a broken down jackass!

    The headline will read:

  12. @TRF

    Here is an oldie but I’ll resurrect it:

    Joe gets a tattoo of a donkey on his ass, then rides in on one at the next big demorat conference. Headline: An Ass on an Ass on an Ass on an Ass.

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