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The schadenfreude videos are not done yet

This, by far, is the nuttiest, most breathless and asinine analysis of all. Watch this partisan MSNBC hack get a chubby while reporting to his moron viewers that Trump may very well only get 84 electoral votes!

Trump Fan Network, once again, does a great job putting together this video.

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  1. I said whoever wins PA, wins the race.

    I hate to say it because I never in a million years believed I would get tired of watching these fuck REgressives eating their vomit, but this one put me over the line. Maybe it’s his arrogance-even worse then Maddcow-but I could lay this fucker out.

    Or maybe I like the ones with the election night, disbelieving crybabies better.

  2. Too stupid to do real work. Can you imagine this guy as an auto mechanic? It’s the fuel injectors. No it’s the transmission. No it’s the water pump.

  3. We need to send this video to every Hillary voter and “Never Trump” idiot in America. We need to completely demoralize them and crush any lingering hope of keeping Trump from being POTUS. They still are planning massive protests and disrupting the inauguration. They need to be openly shamed and laughed at derisively.

  4. I can’t help but notice they never speak of Hillary’s upcoming landslide victory in terms of the popular vote, but of the “seriously flawed and outdated” Electoral College…well, until she had her cankles handed to her, of course.

  5. Just another example of how unreliable “polls” are.
    I will admit, as a registered independent long time voter, was polled nonstop.
    Somebody needs to look into making the questions a little less transparent as to who the poll is leaning for.
    In those poll questions I lied like Hillary, if they want to blame me, I can live with that.
    Clue, it wasn’t a video on Youtube.

  6. Oh, by the way.
    Menderman had asked me where in the world I ever got the idea that Hillary had a double digit lead at any time before the election……..

  7. This clown called Wisconsin part of the Rust Belt?
    Wisconsin has never had steel factories.
    These infantile leftists are a pain in the ass

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