The Sioux Battle Hippie “Fruitcake People”

“You’re not a tribe,” Swan added. “You’re fricking fruitcake people.”

rainbow family fruitcake people


As summer officially opens, battle lines are being drawn in the war against “cultural appropriation”.

This particular engagement pits Sioux Indians against a counter-cultural group that loves Native Americans a little too much.

The peace and love were interrupted by profanity Monday as Rainbow Family members confirmed their plan to congregate an estimated 5,000 people July 1 to July 7 somewhere in the Black Hills, but were immediately confronted by opponents of the gathering.

…The Rainbow Family of Living Light is a loose association of people who’ve been gathering since 1972 around the ideals of peace and healing. Some Native Americans have expressed concern that the gathering is not appropriate for the Black Hills, considered sacred Indian lands.

Before the indoor meeting began, Native American activist James Swan, of the United Urban Warrior Society, parked a pickup west of the building, planted two flags and used a portable sound system to berate the Rainbow Family contingent that was gathered under a light rain on the west lawn of the visitor center.


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  1. Woodstock was 47 years ago … 1968.
    The Rainbow Family is the logical result of nearly 50 years of uninhibited exposure to cannabis and unwashed pu**y.

  2. These “fruitcake people” imposing themselves on the Indians are the same liberal lunatics who shit on Thanksgiving because the evil Americans took their land. WTF do they think they’re doing squatting on and trashing other people’s land?

    Too bad the Sioux can’t just shoot them all and save everyone a lot of trouble.

  3. These crazy bastards came to Angelina Forest in East Texas years ago. The Texas heat and humidity of the summer months along with the mosquitos and snakes and fire ants broke their will to stay and they hauled ass. The pussies couldn’t take it. Anybody who has ever stayed in the woods of East Texas in the summer understands.

  4. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. If the ticks don’t get you, the chiggers – excuse me, “chegroes” – will.


  5. Ok, how is it that I live 35 miles from where the Grateful deads leftovers are hanging out, and I see this article here? Small world aint it.

    BTw, many many warnings are out to make public aware of the scams these people pull. Blocking rural Black Hills Roads and demanding a toll by these trolls is only one.

    The Sioux are just as demanding at times. Recently they demanded the state change the name of the tallest peak east of the rockies, Harney Peak, here in the Black Hills, (aka Paha Sapa) to some indian owl name. Pointless, no one will refer to it by that name. But the whites bowed to them because Harney was a mean old General or something during the 1880’s.

  6. Instead of griping, show the noobs how to do the ceremonies right and sell them rights to ‘borrow’ them
    Then sell them all the required accoutrements that go with them.
    Then tack on all kinds of licensing fees, bundling surcharges and the like.
    Require paid observers and instructors be present to offer gravitas and to QC the dancing chicks.
    Demand a chunk of the concession trade, then demand access for your own vendors
    Then take the money and rent a few dumpsters to clean up around the Rez for crying out loud.

  7. Those rainbow people don’t have anything to do with the Sioux Indian tribe.
    When I was working in Colorado, my boss had me remove a bunch of those rainbow faggots from the roof of the building. They were camping up there! And it didn’t take much to get the little stinking bastards to leave; didn’t even have to lay a hand on a filthy one of them.

    I have a lot of respect for the Lakota Indians and have a friend with a Christian ministry on the Pine Ridge reservation. Those filthy rainbow hippies are not related to that tribe in any way.

    The Lakota don’t want any white men in their sacred Black Hills. And they do still own the legal title to that land as laid out in the treaty of 1868. They still refuse to accept the government bribe money for that land.

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