The smartest thing in the car didn’t survive


A Colorado woman was driving when she noticed an injured bobcat on the side of the road. The woman pulled over, wrapped the animal in a blanket, and put it in the backseat of her SUV, just inches from her three-year-old son who was strapped in a safety seat. MORE HERE

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  1. What kind of idiot picks up a stray injured bobcat? It was bad enough when I saw someone rescue a turtle crossing the road over by Hamilton, Mt. this Summer. I wouldn’t risk my life to save a friggin turtle.

  2. Geez, I’ve heard 2 or three versions of similar stories over the years.

    The first time involved a fireman on his way to the firehouse for his night shift who picked up a dead, but not damaged Bobcat he found on the side of the road, he put it in an old suitcase, he was planning to toss into the dumpster, with the intention to have the Bobcat stuffed. Left the suitcase outside sitting in the driveway intending to show the Bobcat to the other firemen. But as they came out the door they saw a guy had grabbed the suitcase who quickly ran & jumped into the back seat of a car which sped away. But about a block away the car suddenly stopped and 4 guys rapidly exited the car, leaving the doors open. Okay, so I believed the story possibly true.

    After hearing two more similar versions. I thought ok it’s an old joke. [ similar to the story of a Japanese sailor visiting Pearl Harbor, and asking a US sailor, “where is the Arizona ?” It’s right where you left it!” ] But now I’m wondering were they all the Bobcat stories, true stories? If one person can do something really stupid, so can another.

  3. Check out North Woods Law Season 13 • Episode 6. Last Days of Winter.
    Game Warden Demler helps a bobcat that’s been injured by a porcupine.
    It does not end well for the Bobcat,,,,

  4. It’s a wittle kitty! Puss puss! Wittle kitty puss puss!

    The farmer and rancher would have said, “12 gauge”. With his right hand palm up.

  5. This is the same mindset as a dumbass wishing to prove that ALL people are good so they go biking in asscrackistan and end up raped, mutilated and murdered. Same stupidity, different cat(s).
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. A friend of mine drove up to my home drunk as a skunk one night. He got out and tried to tell me something but he was so drunk I couldn’t understand him. I made him sleep it off on my front porch. The next morning he gathered his thoughts and told me he had seen a large alligator on the side of the highway and pulled over. He said he jumped onto the gator and wrestled the thing for a while before he managed to stab it to death. He then loaded it into his trunk with the intent to butcher it for the meat. We walked over to his car and he carefully opened the trunk. Inside was an eight foot long piece of tread from an eighteen wheel truck tire.

  7. geoff.I was passing convoy of trucks on highway 402 on my suzuki 750 water buffalo and one of those gators flew past me at head height. Spooky.

  8. It’s the altitude. You can tell the (especially) women who were born and raised at altitude. They never got enough oxygen to the brain and are just flat out stupid. Kudos to those whose genes helped them overcome this, but they are few and far between.

  9. I stupidly did the same thing with a domestic cat that was hit by a car. The GD ‘efing thing bit me. The vet put it down and told me to get to the ER because, in his opinion, it was ferrel. My doctor said I was an idiot. I have to agree. Next time I will run it over, back up and run it over a second time. Did I mention that before I got it to the vet it released it’s bowels in my car. The smell never came out of the carpet.

  10. mickey moussaoui –
    Dude!!! lol. Well, at least it was a regular cat. Sorry about your car, though.
    I did a dumb thing 5 or 6 years ago trying to break up a dog ‘argument’ between my sister’s dogs.
    The puppy (you know how they have needle teeth when they’re young?) clamped onto my palm and
    when I tried to take my hand out of the way, the puppy was attached to it.
    I shook my hand. Still there. yes, it hurt.
    I got a Tetanus shot a couple of days later, just to be safe. LOL.
    Anyway, she’s still my favorite floppy eared dog. 😀

  11. My oldest daughter once petted a mouse, a mouse that I had caught in a mouse trap before I could dispose of the dying mouse. Anyway the mouse bit her on her finger and we had to call our family Dr. and he just laughed when we told him about it. He said she would be OK and not to worry about it and sure enough nothing ever happened to her. I don’t think that she’ll ever try to pet a mouse again.


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