The Students At Parkland Get Schooled

I have to admit, this is a great essay by a Red Stater.


Living free doesn’t necessarily mean living safe. That’s the trade-off for living in a society where liberty is the dominant structure. People sometimes forget that liberty and chaos are cousins, and that sometimes the two get together. The results can be wonderful. Sometimes they’re tragic.

From the very founding of our nation, we learned that order and safety can be just as devastating — if not more so — than chaos. Just as liberty and chaos are closely related, so is tyranny and order. You might live in a more safe world where danger is kept at bay, but there’s a good chance you won’t like how the powers that be go about it.


The upshot of the piece was when a high school girl  tweeted her laments and discontent. Amazingly, she was just smart enough to realize the idiocy of what she was saying and quickly deleted the tweet.

“So, we’re giving up all illusions of normalcy. okay. why should 3300 students be penalized for the failure of security to do their job?” @Nikta04.

Why should millions of law abiding people give up their constitutional rights for the actions of a handful of nutballs?

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  1. object lessons are a wonderful thing … you wanted security? … you got it!

    ever notice once people, including young undeveloped minds, get locked up they immediately start plotting escape?

    these idiots don’t realize that the Progressive Utopia* that all progtards dream of has just been made a bit easier to achieve by these twatwaffles

    *Progressive Utopia = Completely Controlled Society, aka: Maximum Security

  2. There are two camps in Parkland. One is driven by publicity whores at the urging of their leftist anti gun parents and normal people who wish nothing more than
    to return to normalcy

    The former battle the latter for supremacy and media shames the latter for their desire to dial it back to the day before Valentine’s Day.

    Shut up leftists. You are idiots. That you enlist children is shameful.

  3. David Hogg is as dumb as a fence post…
    The NRA teaches classes on gun safety and handling weapons correctly,
    He should be alligined with the NRA instead of opposing it,
    Every time someone is killed in a car accident no one runs out to ban cars,
    An average of 80 people are killed by cars everyday in America,
    Comes to a little over 29,000 per year,
    The United States would be a much safer place if cars are banned.
    In 2015 there were 13,298 people who died by firearms, excluding suicides.

  4. Remember when the NRA safety courses were taught in the churches and the schools after hours?

    My dad was a volunteer.

    These self serving paid off tools have a long way to go to even make it to 25. I don’t think many of them will. Their idiocy will draw Darwin like a fly. 😘

  5. If these cunts don’t like to have constitutional rights, then maybe we should just make them our slaves, because I’ll be damned if I’ll be theirs.

  6. dear david hogg…..

    we already knew your upper arm measurement was less than seven inches…..less than my wrist…..

    you didn’t really NEED the armband…..but hey, any graphic in a storm……

    come see me sometime……i will beat you down with my disabled ole woman body, and ache about it for WEEKS!!!!……

    that means YOU WIN, right…..??? 🙂

    snot-ass arrogant punk idiot fool…..glad to announce the next college rejection…..don’t worry, grasshopper, CNN will take you straight from high school to the anchor desk, no qualifications required….you’re already a SUPERSTAR, right?

    yeah…..go ahead and grab that brass ring… can’t resist, can you…….????


    you’re already dead, you just don’t know it yet….

    oh, and by the way……you are NOT a survivor….you didn’t SEE anything, you didn’t HEAR anything….you WERE NOT THERE……you were not exposed to the blood or the bodies…..I AM AS MUCH A SURVIVOR of your school shooting as you are, and i live in west virginia

    so just FOAD, please……

    not expecting him to listen, of course…..SAD…

  7. Gee if the police with guns won’t go into a building to save lives, why would you want to take guns away from the people being shot at? Its obvious that the police will only protect their own butts when threatened, anyone else, toss a coin or hide if you can.


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