The Stupidest Use of “Hate Crime” Charges To Date

This is ridiculous. A New York thief and his 2 accomplices are being charged with “hate crimes” after they robbed a guy born without arms.




I highly doubt these lowlifes were saying “we hate this guy with his no arms!!! Let’s get him, the jerk.”

In fact, my guess is they kind of liked that he had no arms. In fact, they’d probably wish for a town full of people with no arms.

Hate crime?


It’s a stupid concept to begin with, but this one is particularly stupid.




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  1. De Blasio and the Democrats that run that sh!thole, have metaphorically done that to everyone. Now we got Sliwa’s Angels riding the rails to do what, give mean looks and call 911? Since Curtis Sliwa was a big deal, criminals have upped it a notch – make that several notches – and probably are as afraid of the Guardian Angels as they would be of Griff the Crime Dog. Or of De Blasio.

    As any thug or despot can tell you, a disarmed population is easy pickings.

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