The Sudden War On Bacon Smells Fishy

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The World Health Organization released a report yesterday which suggested that bacon and other processed meats cause cancer. They actually suggest meat is as dangerous as smoking.

Two weeks ago, the federal government took bacon off the menu in the prison system.Now the public is being told bacon causes cancer. Are you sensing a pattern here?

First question: Is this really about health, or is it about multiculturalism, environmentalism or some other leftist cause?

Second question: Is the White House kitchen going to stop serving bacon based on this report?


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  1. Red carpet treatment for moslems, no doubt. Medical science has known about the link between cancer and nitrates and nitrites for a good while now. And if that’s why they want to ban bacon, then lunch meats and hot dogs would likely be next.

    I say ban moslems and let people eat whatever the hell they want. Can’t anybody mind their own fck’n business anymore?

  2. “…that simply eating 50 grams of processed meat each day — the equivalent of two slices of ham — can increase the risk of such cancer by 18%. However, the authors say the risks are relatively small to begin with.”

    If risks are relatively small,,,then what’s the big hulabaloo???

  3. The Lancet article lists these nine authors:

    Véronique Bouvard
    Dana Loomis
    Kathryn Z Guyton
    Yann Grosse
    Fatiha El Ghissassi
    Lamia Benbrahim-Tallaa
    Neela Guha

    Heidi Mattock
    Kurt Straif

    That one third of them have names that strongly suggest religious or cultural rejection of pork or beef is purely coincidental. Yeah-right.

  4. My sentiments exactly. This is just another rung in the ever encroachment by the Nanny State.

    Have they stopped serving fruit bat in those west African countries yet? Been documented repeatedly to be the root causes of Ebola virus. Have they stopped mutilating female genitalia in Musloid countries…it’s not exactly good for anyone other than the male horde.

  5. My father ate bacon at breakfast every day of his life from early childhood onwards.

    He died of colon cancer at age 74.

  6. My mother eats bacon every morning and has done for most of her 95 years. She’ll be 96 in December and is still going strong.

    I’m sorry about your father. but simply anecdotes don’t carry much weight. Look up Jim Fixx.

  7. When did the WHO ever declare anything that wasn’t politically motivated and biased?

    Anything coming out of the FedGov or UN is complete BULLSHIT.

  8. And just think if they ever made a bacon flavored joint or worse infused it with Dorito’s how many new stoners they’re suddenly would be. You could smoke a joint and get the munchies at the same time. Far out man!

  9. I heard these reports yesterday too and thanks for posting something. Very skeptical about anything from any part of the gov’t. For one quite often contradictory.( Caffeine) for another there is always an agenda. ( climate change,)
    For another who wants to hear bad news about BACON!
    it is a pleasure in life . Sometimes I think there is a group
    that simply want everyone else to be as miserable as them
    Pale,( no sun) skinny ( no fat) and sad because any humor might offend someone.
    Bottom line mind your own business and enjoy a BLT and if that is not your cup of tea, don’t have a hissy fit when someone else does.

  10. Moslem Menus can go straight to Hell.
    (I hear Eleanor Roosevelt loves hummus)

    Personally, I think it tastes as bad as the name sounds.

  11. Long known that nitrates in preserved meat aren’t very good
    for you cause of free radicles. I eat an extra Vitamin C.

  12. Wake up, America, before the Moslems outlaw dogs as pets because they are offended to live near them, and all non-Halal foods are removed from store shelves. Bacon is just the beginning.

    Do you really want to live in Amerrakesh?
    It’s coming, people. It’s coming, unless you stop it. 👿

  13. Anecdotes are what statistics are made of.

    I’m not sure about diet, by my last uncle to pass away made it to 95. . . stopped rolling his own cigarettes many years earlier. . . stopped going to bed with a cha of Redman at 75.

  14. “Soylent Green is people!” This is yet another scam from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. The age-old question has to be asked here – Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

    They’re gonna have to pry my Big Green Egg from my cold dead hands

  15. Anecdotes are what statistics are made of.

    Absolutely true, as long as you have enough of them. And statistics are useful, as long as you remember that they apply to aggregates and not individuals. You can say that a group that shares some set of characteristics has, for example, a 50% incidence of toenail cancer, but if you look at one person in that group, he either has toenail cancer or he doesn’t have toenail cancer. The message here is that you can’t reverse the process and go from statistics to anecdotes.

  16. When you get into moderation, substitutes and pricing all statistics go out the window.

    I don’t eat bacon daily, but sometimes I have it 3 days in a row, then none for a week. Same with hot dogs, if I open a pack I tend to eat them within a few days. After that I’m onto something else and depending on price and value, I will choose to eat differently. Bacon sometimes rockets up to $5.50-$6lb, so I don’t buy it, when it’s $3-$4lb, I buy it.

  17. Smells like halal. There’s only one tyrannical system that hates the pork industry as much as it hates Jews and Christians, it’s called Islam.

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