The Thrill Is Gone

Dan Joseph asked Chris Matthews about his leg and if he was still getting a thrill up it.

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See his response Here

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  1. Reminds me of an old cartoon of an Irishman standing at a bar, one foot on the bar rail. Unnoticed by him, a small dog is hiking his leg up and taking a whiz on the other foot. The Irishman takes a big swig out of his glass of beer and exclaims, “Ahh – faith, an’ I can feel it tricklin’ all the way down to me toes…”.


  2. Actually it was a thrill. that he felt. Around the same time, after the election that Evan Thomas of Newsweek said on national TV that obama “was like a God.”
    What lickspittles these guys are.

  3. Funny, look at the liberal shitbags instinctive response. Curses at the man and “tries” for a second to push him. Puts his hand on him but realizes hes to old and to gay to cat fight any longer. But they are violent scumbags…

  4. No, YOU go to Hell Tingles! The damage to the Republic your ball-tonguing of Hussein over the years is immeasurable, generational.

    Tokyo Tingles.

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