The Time I Visited a Mosque in Iran

American Thinker:

I was born into a religion that I did not choose or practice.  In fact, no one in our household ever practiced Islam, and particularly, we were warned by our parents never to go near any mosque or other such place.  It was considered taboo in Persian culture.

From the moment Islam penetrated the Iranians’ lives, it clashed head on with the existing order.  It clashed with people who had lived and believed in the monotheistic religion of Zoroastrianism for millennia. It contradicted Persian ideals, traditions, and culture, as is obvious from the splendid pre-Islamic Iranian festivities and celebrations such as the Persian Nowruz.

During the period I lived in Iran, I noticed that most middle- and upper-class families in Iran considered those who participated the Islamic rituals or prayers in a mosque or in any public place thugs.  They did everything they could to make sure their children stayed away from such places.  Keep in mind that most Iranians still consider Islam an invader upon their culture.

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  1. True story, A friend said his dad was Persian so I asked his dad if he was born in Iran. He said, “I’m Persian, not Iranian, only terrorists call it Iran.” That story has stuck with me for over a decade.

  2. That’s nice. You gave up your country to thugs. Wait a minute, and we’ll catch up. Because that is exactly what we’re doing here.

  3. I’ve had discussions of islam and Iran with two very bright (beautiful too) female refugees whose families barely escaped with their lives. Their positions were identical to the one stated in this article. Their families had to bribe their way out, especially the family that was distantly associated with the Shah’s government, and lost everything but their lives. Both families now are naturalized and are very happy to be American, even though none could find work in their high level professions when they arrived. One gave me a great line: “There are lots of countries in the world where it can be great if you are rich, but there’s no better place to be poor than America. Here you can recover if you apply yourself”. What better immigrants could we ask for than these families? And what a contrast to the present invaders, much beloved of the (d)s.

  4. C’mon C.I.A. what have you been doing?

    1. Find followers.
    2. Get active.
    3. Fund and smuggle in tons of firearms.
    4. Share intelligence.

    They do it in every country, what’s the hold-up with Iran?

  5. The citizens of Iran nearly took their country back a few years ago, and might have if it weren’t for 0bama. I hope they do so soon! They have so much more global support now!

  6. The problem is in this sentence: “During the period I lived in Iran, I noticed that most middle- and upper-class families in Iran considered those who participated the Islamic rituals or prayers in a mosque or in any public place thugs.”

    Only the comfortable and the rich could afford to remain aloof from the domination of Islam. The reality is that most people in Iran are neither comfortable, nor rich. Islam, in Iran, is the religion of the generational have-nots. They are the ones who drove the Shah out. It was a class struggle as much or more than it was a religious one.

    If the masses are to turn on the mullahs, it will be because of economic inequalities. That is why the Iranian regime considers Trump’s measures to be so hostile. It is laying bare the innate and unfettered greed and corruption that has been a hallmark of the endless Revolution.

  7. The left needs thugs to do violence against political opponents and to become enforcers if they gain control. Hence, the left’s alliance with islamic maniacs.

  8. I visited the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
    The Hagia Sofia has been izlamicized.

    Istanbul was like being on another planet. Or, at least, what I imagine it would be like – having never been on another planet (that I know of).

    izlamo delenda est …


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