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The Times, They Are a’ Changin

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  1. Big, tuff guys afraid fans were gonna breathe on ’em, when they aren’t being crushed under the terrible weight of microaggessions.


  2. I used to love a game we played as boys called tackalina. One guy would grab a football and run as fast as he could until everyone else caught up, piled on top of them, and he coughed it up. And then it was just rinse and repeat.

  3. New Rule is no Hip Tackle…That’s where a 180lb. CB can take down a 285lb. TE

    So’s now a TE will just score at will over the smaller backfield…

  4. Sandlot flag football, with no flags, no cup, no gear, and minimal rules. Which would be argued over after the infraction.
    Full contact. If you made it through the game unblooded you got the shit kicked out of you as the end-game celebration.
    Building friends and enemies.
    The Next week your friends BECOME YOUR ENEMIES for the duration of the game.
    What Fun !

  5. When I was a kid we played full contact football in a gravel parking lots. Well our grass field was turned into a parking lot so we just kept on playing. Lots of torn blue jeans and bloody elbows. I liked football back in the 60’s and 70s.

  6. In junior college before finding new fun things at S.I.U. there were numerous guys who were all conference, all state, etc. Very good ball players who didn’t have the grades or brains to qualify at four year schools. So we formed a team and challenged all the surrounding other Jr. colleges to play. We were not sanctioned by the school and had no equipment accept shoes. Well some of the other schools accepted the challenge for games sans pads and helmets.

    After the first game the opposing school called all the other schools and they all cancelled. We messed them up pretty bad. Malt liquor and smokes on the sideline for us with halftime consuming major quantities. And prayers on the other sideline as this was a bible religious school. Anyway, as no one wanted to play with us anymore, someone got the bright idea to see if a local semi-pro team wanted to play. They considered it a practice scrimmage and those that wanted to could play us. The group that showed up considered us a joke and most were already kicked out of shape when they showed up. We tied them and after that game their captain came over with a request to a rematch. Being rather full of ourselves we accepted.

    The rematch found more of the regulars showing up and they were stone sober. Kicked the bejesus out of us and by the end of the game I hurt worse than I ever had before or to this day. Never received a beating like that one ever.
    No more football for us…

    At least none of us ended up in hospital like what happened in the other game with the religionists. Five of their guys ended up there after that game to get put back together before going home.

    Long ago, 67ish or before

    Good Times!


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