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The Trials of Unvaccinated Parents

American Thinker – It is really tough to be a parent and watch your adult child make a huge mistake with his life, let alone his health.  And yet, so many of us unvaccinated parents have had to do just that.  Where we chose not to succumb to the jab, our grown-up children chose differently.

Now here we sit, each of us praying that our child won’t somehow become the next tragic statistic, let alone ourselves in a secondary manner.  We live pushing the worst to the back of our minds, hoping we never get that news.  Too many of us will, however, because even one is one too many in my opinion. 

I appreciate the work Governor Ron DeSantis, Congressman Jim Jordan, Senator Ron Johnson, and others are doing to shed clarity and bring justice to the matter.  But most of this is coming after the fact and does little to soothe our anxiety or quell our worries.

“I pray for them every day,” says an unvaccinated father of three vaccinated adult children.  It is a common phrase and practice among unvaxxed parents living in the same position. What other recourse do we have?

With so little known about the implications and far-reaching effects over time, unvaccinated parents are destined to spend the rest of their days on high alert.

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Not being a parent, I still worry. I have a two siblings, nephew and nieces and their children who have been vaxed. Most of them only had the initial jab and just a few that had only one booster. Still, I am concerned for what might happen in the future. I am mostly concerned for the young girls. Their parents may never be grandparents. I’m just praying that the initial jabs didn’t carry the most dangerous ingredients that seem to be causing all the sudden deaths and infertility.

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  1. There seems to multiple variants of the vaccine, it was all one evil experiment.

    “Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines”
    howbadismybatch DOT com

  2. As I’ve said many times it killed my mother, other family members as well, but I will never quit being furious over it killing my mother. I kept telling her over the phone, she had dementia, not to take any shots if they came in to give her one. That it didn’t matter that my sister told them to give it to her, she could still refuse. I would tell her several times a day, hoping she’d remember. I sometimes would tell her Mom if they come in to give you a flu shot, don’t take it, you already had one, just refuse any shots.
    Then she tells me she took her flu shot today, I don’t know if they told her that was what it was or not. So again for the next two weeks I kept telling her again to not take anymore shots. Then my sister tells me that they gave mom her second shot. I told her then you just killed our mother. I begged and pleaded with her to not give them permission to give them to her. I even told her I’d bring Mom home with me if they said it was a must to stay.

    My siblings have all gotten it. But I know the bastards killed a lot of the old people off in the nursing homes. This particular nursing home went from no beds open to entire floors with no patients. Easy to kill the old people, everyone just thinks they were old and in the nursing home.
    I guess it’s even easy to kill the young people as they just say “oh isn’t that strange another young person died suddenly.”

  3. Then to take it to the next level. My only child is a 34 year old manager of QA in production of cell therapy drugs at a small bio-tech. She gets the Moderna and a booster then 2 months later comes home to give me and my wife to infect us with the Omicron variant. Her company is a sub-contractor for the Phizer jab. With her infecting me, a pure blood, and her mother, twice vaxed Moderna, she has taken my advice not to take any more covid related vaccines.

  4. I’m right there – two adult kids who have both taken jabs and boosters. I worry about them and pray for them every day.
    All my siblings are jabbed a boostered also. Nieces and nephews got their kids jabbed also.
    Some treated me like a pariah last year. Now at least we are having family events again. I don’t bring it up. It’s no use.

  5. Same here Jethro. I’m the only family member not jabbed. My adult son and daughter got jabbed with one booster for College. I begged them not to, switch to another school but they weren’t having it. I too live in high alert, in fear of them suddenly ( fill in the blank)

  6. Yeah, Jethro. Similar here except oldest son won.t get it. His kids and wife have, She had a clot in Oct that gave her a stroke. She’s 40.

    When I asked if she’s going to refuse any future shots, she asked what that has to do whit it. Told her it’s called the clot shot for a reason and I was disappointed she was so uninformed. She’s smart enough to make over $400,000 and yet slow about this subject. Frustrating.

    Fast forward to thanksgiving and my son and I were talking about her mother being vaxxed to the hilt and getting covid all the time – and still thinks everyone else should get all the shots too! DiL seemed to be getting the point at that time. I asked if they would accept some ivermectin as a gift and my son enthusiastically said yes.

    At least he never got the shot and is clued in. And she’s got some awareness now. The gradndkids? I don’t know what kind of pressure they’re going to have coming up.

  7. Out of 6 adult children, only two refused the vax. Of the other 4 that did, 2 were required to, to keep their jobs, one was indifferent, and one was enthusiastic. I worry about a lot of things these days, this is just one more.

  8. Thank you all for your comments. After losing a brother last summer (not covid related), the grief was hard to bear when combined with my guilt, however irrational it was (part of the grief process in my case). I can’t imagine the pain of concern for a child.

    Death is what we all face, but when it is intentional and done with evil purposes, I want to inflict as much damage as possible to those responsible. Being a Christian, I know that God’s vengeance is far superior to mine. However, I’d much prefer to see justice done here before they meet God to experience his Justice.


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