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The Ukraine War is Over Except for Some More Dying

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Bob Moriarty

Ukraine lost the war in March. Zelensky knew it.

The very real Nazis who think they are running the country but have accomplished nothing but the destruction of the country threatened him. They told Zelensky that if he surrendered to Russia they would kill him. But Ukrainian officials sat down with the Russians in Turkey in March of 2022 and basically came to an agreement that the forces would return to the borders on February 23, 2022 and would return to the agreement of Minsk II. Of course that would have been a non-agreement agreement since Ukraine, France and Germany only pretended to intend to adhere to the original Minsk II agreement.

In any case, Boris Johnson the then PM of the UK showed up by surprise on April 9th and reportedly told Zelensky to keep fighting to the last Ukrainian soldier. Nato would continue to pour weapons into the most corrupt country in Europe. It was nice of Boris to volunteer the services of Nato seeing as how the UK doesn’t really have an army. In comparison the USMC has 182,000 personnel in uniform. A well-attended Girl Scout Jamboree is bigger than the UK Army. It was very brave of Boris to suggest the UK would supply weapons to Ukraine so Zelensky get more Ukrainian soldiers killed.

Russia attacked Ukraine in late February after months of trying to get Zelensky to understand that Ukraine joining Nato was a red line he didn’t want to cross. In exactly the same way as John F. Kennedy felt in 1962, having a nuclear-armed enemy state on your front porch was unacceptable.

Russia attacked with a tiny force estimated at about 80,000 fighting a Ukrainian army of between 500,000 and 750,000. But the Ukrainian army was trained and equipped to Nato standards, which frankly aren’t very high. more

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  1. Jimmy Deore has some interesting shit about how this little Bastard has turned on his own inner friends who are reporting the Truth instead of Lies.

    Apparently there are rumours that his former right hand is now on a Kill List by The Azov/Asoff (spelling?)

    This shit NEVER should have happened but NATO & Demos Wanted it.

  2. Maybe the Phil. Flyers Russian hockey player is a metaphor for his country. He values his religious beliefs and won’t support the woke creepsters ruining America and the world. I’ve read that many, if not all Russians, including Putin, are appalled and disgusted with the west and its stupid and ruinous antics. Maybe it’s Russia among all countries that is keeping the faith.

    I’ve read that a famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce, predicted that Russia will become sort of a World Saviour. Well, I don’t know about that, but nowadays I have more respect for Russia than just about any other country on earth.

    Western Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Oceana are effed to the core.

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  4. They are going to continue the laundromat for tax payer money. Try and stop it? Yer kiddin’ me right?

    🙁 I might add that we can’t help but notice Ukraine has soooooo much real estate on the NORTH ATLANTIC it’s practically a A NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN ISLAND.

    But seriously, we don’t need anymore Nazis in NATO, especially the ones next-door to Russia..

  5. The US government??? HAHA good one. We don’t have a “government” It’s a criminal cartel. It’s pays absolutely no attention to the wants & needs of the rubes(e.g. $8 eggs) and if they have the temerity to yaknow actually put up some resistance backing an agent of change like DJT or Kari Lake, well, that just ain’t gonna happen.

    Coupled with a compliant and useless media along with an “education” system that turns out millions of dolts every year, they can pour a $100 billion of fairy dust money into a totally pointless “war” without any pushback. Fuck, that child’s play compared to the evil these bastards have been up to for decades.

  6. WWII was over by 1942 but that didn’t stop the killing.
    When we took Guadalcanal from the Japs they should have sued for peace – we kicked them out of an island in their own back yard (metaphorically speaking) – our lines of communication some 7500 miles as opposed to theirs of some 1500 – AND THEY LOST! HELLO! Wake up and smell the coffee!

    Paulus’s 6th Army was doomed at Stalingrad – sounding the death knell for Germany – but that didn’t stop the killing – Hitler should have sued for peace.

    Too many people making money off the Ukraine “war” for any kind of sense to prevail. The American taxpayers are being plundered out of $Billions upon $Billions and the Bidens, Gateses, Garlands, that fukkin idiot Lloyd Austin, Zelenskyys, Merkels, and Johnsons of the world are in NO DANGER, WHATSOEVER – from the killing in Ukraine or from the “voters” – they steal with impunity.

    As long as we allow corrupt government, we will experience corrupt government – and that war will continue to the last Ukrainian willing to die for International Theft.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “But the Ukrainian army was trained and equipped to Nato standards, which frankly aren’t very high.”
    Which amounts to travelling to DC to cry for more money…

  8. Old, egotistical, incompetent, political “leaders” allow their vision of grandeur to over shadow the death and destruction of 100,000s of thousands of innocent people.
    Biden, who have never served in the Military or been correct on any foreign policy, appointed diversity hire Lloyd Austin, WOKE DOD Secretary, Silver Star recipient for “Leadership(?), NOT Valor. Then we have General Milley, another overrated political hack, average intelligent Officer who masterminded the well known failure of the full retreat in Afghanistan.
    It appears the only “winners” will again be the military industrial complex, who have excelled at developing weapons that obliterate infrastructure of entire countries and Kill the largest numbers of armies and civilian populations within the budgetary cost/benefit analysis of their bean counters.
    Old, inexperienced, political hacks and corporate CEOs decide Policy and Strategy for the US.
    Biden is all familiar with the benefits of sending the Young men and women to the meat grinder of Combat while he received deferment after deferment during the Vietnam War.
    Now Biden sits behind the President’s desk reading what others write, overseeing the Biden corruption network or taking bribes and vacations.
    Know Nothing, incompetent, political hacks are leading us to oblivion.


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