Men Who’ve Had the Bottom Surgery Experience Numerous Postoperative Complications – IOTW Report

Men Who’ve Had the Bottom Surgery Experience Numerous Postoperative Complications

Daily Caller

A majority of patients who had vaginoplasties presented several health concerns in visits after the operation, according to a study put out by the Women’s College Hospital (WCH).

The study was conducted on a sample of 80 patients between the ages of 19 and 73 who had received “penile inversion vaginoplasty” at surgical centers in Canada. The patients had all presented themselves for postoperative care at the clinic between three months and five years after their surgery. Complications

29 Comments on Men Who’ve Had the Bottom Surgery Experience Numerous Postoperative Complications

  1. Why would medical doctors have figured out that installing a NON-SELF CLEANING HOLE in your abdomen creates a Festering Bacterial Factory?

    A discarded car tire, half full of water, breeding mosquitoes in the summer has less disease.

  2. Goldenfoxx,

    The problem is when they first damage a kid/young person’s brain & then their bodies.

    I don’t give 2 shits what the over 20’s do.


  3. This is what happens when men attempt to redesign God’s perfect design.
    Result – a messy, foul, diseased, vile, disgusting, nonfunctional, frankensteined medical disaster.

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  5. Orcs were first made from Elves under torture and dark sorcery. Their crafting served as an insult to the Children of Ilúvatar.

    Satan cannot create – he can only pervert and pollute God’s designs.

    These abominations will not end well.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Having problems with your mutilation? Well ain’t that some shit!
    Maybe I’m being too logical, but I have to believe that these people have all these potential issues explained to them before hand or else the doctor and hospitals would open themselves up to severely damaging law suits. Given that, these people are truly insane which is why I think most of them are show-boaters looking for attention than gamers in it for the misery, meaning that the one who go thru the complete process are probably less than 0.1 percent of the population. The rest are Histrionic Attention Seekers!

  7. I read a complaint from one of those freaks who got a hole cut where it doesn’t belong. He was suffering from pubic hair growing inside of the hole. Then some were inserting catsup to simulate menstruation. Ever pour vinegar on an open wound? Oh yeah, they’re having a good ole time with their new found self. The best of it all….they can’t breed! Not one ounce of me feels bad for them.


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