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The Unfavorables

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RS: Donald Trump may be the Republican front runner. But according to Frank Newport, Gallup’s Editor-in-Chief, the Donald is the most unpopular candidate of either party. Trump’s 60% unfavorable rating among all Americans is higher than any nominated candidate from either of the two major parties going back to the 1992 election when Gallup began to track favorability using the current format.

Trumps 60% is significantly higher than other potential 2016 nominees:   MORE

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  1. What an irrational article, pretending to use numbers to deduce “facts”.

    We are not talking about Homecoming King, after all.

  2. Gee you’d almost think that the press in this country is owned and operated by the liberals.
    96% of jornolists are progressive liberals.

  3. So he’ll be beating Abe Lincoln as most hated president?

  4. The GOPEE elephant on the right appears to be more pink than red. Is someone in the establishment on a bender making us see pink elephants now. And why are we red while the progtards are blue? Doesn’t make sense to me except to confuse the issue and make us look like we’re the bad guys and the SJW’s are the good guys. Just for once I’d like to wake up and not find myself in either The Twilight Zone or Bizarro World.

  5. What those unfavorables point to is the fact that no one in the groups who support other candidates will vote for him if their guy/gal doesn’t win the primary.

    The media hasn’t laid a glove on him. Yet. That’s ’cause they’re not really trying.

    If he wins the primaries, they’ll joyfully trot out ads laying out all of his failed businesses (Trump University, anyone?), affairs, failed marriages, lifelong democrat voting record, lifelong democrat donations, deals with the mob (to use illegal construction workers rather than union guys), and the creme de la creme: the voice-over of him trashing Scottish farmers who he said “lived like pigs” because they wouldn’t sell him their land for a golf course.

    And the D’s will smugly smile as they watch their Marxist hobble into the Oval to finish the job.

  6. Hitlery’s unfavorablity rating would have been much lower if Trump hadn’t been there to expose her dirty laundry. Just wait until he starts campaigning directly against her.

  7. Disagree. This is just the latest in a LOOOONG line of “Trump will fail because…” claims (READ: WISHFUL THINKING) made from the very beginning of his campaign.

    A campaign – I will strongly emphasize here – that he has continually fought and earned from the very first day, unlike Ted “11th hour effort” Cruz.

  8. But But this article is not right because it comes from a source Trumpers don’t agree with, it doesn’t matter because F.U. that’s why, and he changed his position on that 2 days ago, it wasn’t what he meant let me interpret for you, this is what he meant because Cruz ect ect ect. And TRUMP 2016 that’s why, quit questioning things and fall in line you Trump deniers!

  9. you better believe that if Mr. Trump becomes president, tptb are going to release the kraken on him

    wall street will plummet, the fed will decide we can no longer have 0 interest rates, inflation will skyrocket, etc. etc. etc.

    everything will be blamed on Trump/capitalism

    gird yer loins ladies we’re in for a bumpy ride

  10. That’s why I say he is the wrecking ball.
    A collapse and resulting attempt at tyranny are inevitable. The sooner it comes the better off we will be in dealing with it, before they take all our rights away.
    Bring it on!

  11. Every negative you listed will make him a favorite among non-died-in-the-wool-communist Democrats.

  12. Did you get this info from your people — the same ones who said Cruz didn’t send that mailer out?

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