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The Usual GOP Senator Suspects Supported Jan 6th Commission

Sen. Bill Cassidy (La.)

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio)

Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah)

Sen. Ben Sasse (Neb.)

And, of course, Pat Toomey’s spox said he would have voted to support commission had he not been with his family.

The other GOP senators opposed the House-passed bill. This was the first filibuster of the 117th congress.

16 Comments on The Usual GOP Senator Suspects Supported Jan 6th Commission

  1. I live in Ohio, Portman needs to be beaten in the primary. Just as Former Ohio Senator, Now Governor DeWine, Portman is a liberal and does not represent the majority of Ohioans. Another of the Ohio’s elitist liberal republican establishment.

  2. Allow me to play devil’s advocate, no I don’t really believe it myself but I try to keep an open mind. Given that more mis-information has been spread about Jan 6th, how dems have fund raised from the lies, and that the MSM has refused to cover it honestly and thoroughly, would it not be a good thing to bring what actually happened to the forefront?

    The dems have created this golden calf of lies; how Trump instigated it, the magnitude of those participating, the correlation of the rioters with the Trump supporters with even White Supremacists, how lives were lost, even the number of actual crimes committed, totally discounting that the Capitol police allowed and encouraged the protestors to enter the premises.

    I would welcome an honest accounting (if that is even possible given that the dems hold the majority)of what actually happened, separating the truth from the lies, played out on a national stage.

    Given the Benghazi mess, the Mueller Report, and Durham’s yet to be released (if ever)investigation, yes, I can see how these clowns could not organize a one car parade, but still, to show once and for all that Jan 6th was not what they claim it to be.

  3. Of course they did! They must feel it in their bones that they are in the ejection chair so they will do all they can to help the left since it is their nature.

  4. rich taylor

    That’s crossed my mind as well. Especially when you learns all the entrances into the capital building have magnetic interlocks on them and some one from inside had to disable them.
    However I think the bigger point here is Libtards all stick together. Lock step. Republicans don’t. That’s why we always get our asses kicked. So once leadership has set a course, right or wrong, they need to stay in unison.

  5. There is no left vs. right, Democrat vs. Republican, they are false paradigms. There is only good vs. evil, righteousness vs. unrighteousness, and us vs. them.

  6. They’re rinos, all right. But McCain-type opportunists. And we know what backstabbing trash McCain was.

    Each one of these maggots wants to be the key vote, and get the power that POS McCain had by being in that position. We can thank Trump for the powerlessness of these pieces of shit. Without Trump, the GOP would just be the usual corrupt backstabbing pussies they’ve alwasy been.

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