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The WEF’s “Utopia” City of the Future Is a Mirrored High-Rise Prison

Red State

You’ll live in modules, completely enclosed [so, it looks like they could keep you in, if they wanted to], everything within 5 minutes’ walk, and no cars.

Where is your private yard or your freedom? 80,000 people living within 5 minutes of each other in a pod, so you reduce the number of businesses and you only have one big store for the “catchment area” of 80,000 people? What happens to all the private businesses you just eliminated? What are these people thinking, and do they not know anything at all about humanity? The betterment of humanity gets sacrificed for the “zero-carbon” emissions and everything being controlled. Explore

Some are comparing the planned paradise to something out of “Logans Run” or “Judge Dred.” It seems closer to those 60s mouse experiments where the little beasts were given everything until they all died out in a manner of a few generations. Here

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  1. This dystopic disaster would be a made in Hell combination of Logan’s Run, Judge Dredd, Soylent Green, Blade Runner, Roller Ball, 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 etc. all rolled into one giant deadly clusterfuck. No thanks, the elites can go to Hell, I don’t want anything to do with this. And all fueled by SOMA, why the hell not.

  2. geoff the aardvark,

    You would think that the Hollywood Carpet Whores would remember the roles they played in their careers and resist but they go right along with the villains plans.

    X-Men 3 – Getting the Government Needle was BAD!

  3. One thing these studies have in common: the subjects cannot escape. Europe disgorged millions in the 18th and 19th centuries. Why? The people wanted to escape (also government wanted rid of them as well… Australia. Central and South America are disgorging millions into North America now. Does the escape have to be to a better place or just some other place?

  4. How about, you first, freak. When these monsters go to leave Davos, none of the planes or limos function. They find Davos is walled in with guard towers every 100 yards. All necessary food and clothing will be delivered at a central location in town daily. Heating and cooling will be provided for free. That’s it. They can hold meetings every day until they cut their own throats in despair.

  5. With ALL this endless proof of the commie, liberal, mindless, hateful people that want to take over our government….

    I have a faith in the very essence of what binds true Americans together. I DO NOT like negative feelings and I seriously hope to be wrong BUT—I pray the ugly wrath that overwhelmingly envelopes this country will be cast aside and the love of GOD will be reinstated.

  6. @ Doug Wakeman JANUARY 20, 2023 AT 8:36 PM

    A nice EMP burst a mile or two above them should accomplish that.

    Takes too long to build walls and such. May I suggest commando teams positioned to pick them off if they try to stray?

  7. Makes one wonder, if the writer’s of these dystopian tropes were/are prescient or they were guided by the illuminati in order to warm the masses to an inevitable conclusion….

  8. Talk about building a new tower of Babel. I wonder how long it would take before God comes down and flattens that evil tower to the ground. There is nothing new under the Sun, evidently evil mankind didn’t learn anything from the building of the first tower of Babel.

  9. geoff the aardvark January 21, 2023 at 8:52 am,

    I sometimes wonder if 9/11 was God’s judgement or warning against our nation for the arrogant, defiant attitude of building the Twin Towers as a ‘monument to American greatness’ during the time we started to throw God out of our society.


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