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The Whistleblower

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  1. And do it while nurses and others are posting on your platform at a record rate against mandatory vaccinations!

  2. Facebook desperately wants to be regulated — because their competition, such as it is, will also be regulated. It will happen this year. The Dems need to silence all opposition going into the midterm campaigns.

    This “whistleblower” was likely fine with what social media was doing to people, until her political/ideological preferences were being successfully challenged.

  3. It’s nearly impossible to not be cynical about her and this situation. I listened to the congressional hearing today and EVERYONE was singing like a well-rehearsed choir. The emphasis, OF COURSE, was all about “the children.” Not a solitary word about voting, elections, controlling gov’t, etc. There was a brief mention of “big tech” lobbyists.


  4. This whole whistleblower thing is confusing. Who’s side is she on, if anybody’s? Is she a plant using the completion backwards principle to bring more censorship to advantage the dims? My head hurts.

  5. They already have the plan in motion to full-on surveil and censor; look at the AG’s recent memo addressing parent’s at school board meetings. It’s all of a whole. You are being marginalized.

    She is just providing the pre-text to what they already have planned.

  6. Zukingturd put her up to it so he can get congressional approval and backing to more fully censor conservatives and free speech! It was a setup!

  7. Hey, Dry gulched:

    If she could possibly manage the time, she should play both sides at one medium.

    Kudos to the reference.

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