The Word of the Day, Brought To You By CNN and MSNBC

The leftist cable news outlets spent yesterday repeating the words “impeach” and “impeachment” 114 times. While it’s better than their obsession a few months ago with “s*hole” it’s still senseless monotony only they seem to like to hear. Here

5 Comments on The Word of the Day, Brought To You By CNN and MSNBC

  1. In Peach 45.
    Al Green, the rocket surgeon, says Trump doesn’t need to be guilty of anything, we can just In Peach him.

  2. I’m watching, and taking Bets on who Explodes first , it’s Rachel – Mika or Chrissy… Wolfy is the Wildcard.

  3. The socialists don’t give a damn about America or Americans, and their eternal bullshit and lies over impeachment are absolute proof of that. The media was able to get rid of Nixon over lies and bullshit, and they think they can do the same, now, though times have changed. The “media” are no longer single-source (much as they strive to be), and more Americans are onto their shenanigans. More of us are aware of the bias, prejudice, duplicity, and outright mendacity of the media, because some Americans have finally stood up to the “slings and arrows” brought to bear against any, and all, who offer some semblance of “truth” as opposed to their continual litany of falsehood.

    Impeachment does not, indeed, have to be based on anything other than Congress’s determination to be rid of a President. Clinton and Obola should have been impeached, and then tried in criminal court, for their various treasons and corruptions, but they weren’t – for the simple reasons of the pusillanimity of their opponents and the corruptions of the FBI, NSA, CIA, DoJ, &c., who refused their oaths of office and partook of the swag.

    The nation sways, once again, under the socialist onslaught.
    A twilight war – where most people don’t even understand that they’re at war.
    The “Death of a Thousand Cuts” works on nations as well as people.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. There are idiots out there who claim Nixon was impeached and Clinton was not.
    Impeachment is like an indictment, but it takes 2/3 of the Senate to convict and remove from office.
    Nixon resigned before any impeachment occurred.


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